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Pink Cupcake Birthday Party

A Pink Cupcake Birthday Party!
Lots of sweets, cupcakes and pink.
Perfect for a little girl--or for a mom!

Yep, this cupcake party was for my mom's birthday.
(Can you believe she even wore pink without being told?)

Adorable cupcake cards and gift bags were found at Target.

The table was set with pink tablecloths, wide ribbon and lots of pink netting.

The gift bags, filled with tissue paper, were the centerpieces.

Under each glass plate was a cupcake card showing through the glass.

Little plastic cupcakes filled with candy sat at each place.
Have you seen these at Easter time?  They're adorable!

Powdered sugar donuts were decorated to look like cupcakes.
A candy bracelet was wrapped around the glassware.

Name tags were made with Washi tape.
I printed out the names.
Covered each name with Washi tape...then

ran it through my printer a second time.  Easy.
(They did smug a bit, so be careful!)

A set of light pink curtains were hung as a backdrop.

I made this Happy Birthday Banner with my Cricut machine
and lots of scrapbook paper.

Instead of a birthday cake,
 mom's cupcake was embellished with a Washi tape banner.

Super simple to make.
The sticker letters say, "LOVE YOU".

After a birthday dinner, we celebrated with lots of treats.


Sugar cookies! (Mom's favorite!)

How fun is this?

...and Donut Hole cupcakes!
Click here to see how I made these.  They're super easy!


I set up a photo booth with fun wrapping paper and more cupcake cards.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!

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  1. How special! Love your donut hole cupcakes! And the pink curtain backdrop.

  2. What a lovely, sweet party! So cute and creative. What a lovely gift. I'm not surprised your mom wore pink. I'm guessing you got some of those great coordinating, decorating genes from her! Beautiful Michelle!

  3. What an adorable party! I love it! Who says cupcake parties are only for kids? (Not me, btw). Great party!
    Morgaine @ Madcap Frenzy
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  4. Your mom is adorable! and printing on Washi Tape...GENIUS! Great party

  5. This is my kind of party! :) And I am still crushing on the fact that you have a photo booth at every party!