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A Nutty Thankful Gift

I love 'nutty' gifts!
They're easy, simple and healthy...
unless someone in your household has nut allergies.(If that's the case... maybe you should stop reading?)
Oh, good, you're still reading...
Nut allergies must not be a concern?
3 easy supplies to make this...can't beat that!

Purchase a bag of nuts.  (Pistachios are always lovely.)
Print out the nutty tag.  (Click here.)
Sign back of tag and hole punch.  Tie tag onto bag of nuts.



In my book, you can never thank people enough.
This nutty gift was delivered to the kid's bus driver, piano teacher and a few men teachers.


Oh, nuts!  I've got to get cracking on my Thanksgiving food prep.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
So thankful!

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