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An Encouraging Gift Idea-- #1 Fan

What little 'something' do you give a friend,
to let them know you care?

A friend that needs encouragement.
A friend that you love and care for.
A friend that you have prayed for and prayed with many times.

A friend that has been asked to share her life story,
in front of a large group of women.
A friend who is a bit nervous...and maybe...sweaty?


You give her a fan, of course!



A fan will not only help her 'keep her cool',
before she steps up to speak...
but will also remind her, that you care.


 Purchase a fan. 
(Mine came from the Target $1. bin.)

Print out fan tag.
Click here for link to print your own tags.

Cut out. Write message on back.
Hole punch and tie on with a ribbon.

If you can't find a mini fan, just make your own.
Cut out the extra big tag (this is the fan.)

Hot glue a large colored craft stick to the back.
(This is what you hold when you're 'fanning' yourself.)
Quick and easy!

This idea could be used for a child, too.
Right before a performance, sporting event or a big test.
It could be used for a teacher or a coach...anyone!

Everyone needs a fan!
And to my blog readers...

Thanks for being a 'fan'!  I'm so thankful for you!


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  1. This is such a cute, sweet idea! I know it gave your friend an extra bit of courage to know you were praying for her. :)