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Glass Ball Reindeer Ornaments

Oh Deer!  It's a Rudolph ornament for your tree!


Gather the kids and craft up some of these fun reindeer.

Supplies Needed:
-brown paper shreds
-round glass or clear plastic ornaments
-brown pipe cleaners
-large googly eyes
-red poms (or white or brown)
-hot glue/glue dots

Stuff the paper shreds into the ornament.
Use a toothpick to help.

Cut off a 2-3 inch piece of pipe cleaner.

Using the longer piece,
evenly twist it around the top, leaving two ends.

Cut the small piece of pipe cleaner in half.

Take the 2 small pieces of pipe cleaners and
twist them around the large ends.

Bend, shape and trim as needed.

Adhere the two eyes and pom to the front of the ornament.
Use hot glue or glue dots...both will work.
(My hot glue gun is always plugged in, so that's my glue of choice.)

Tie on a coordinating ribbon and hang on the tree.

Have you been keeping up with all the reindeer posts?


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