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Sock Advent

Could it really be December 1st?
I'm a little late sharing our sock advent this year.

(I have a feeling this month will be flying by as well!)
I've been wanting to create a sock advent for awhile,
but it takes some time to collect 24 socks!
Most of these baby socks came from
Christmas clearance sales last year...and the year before that...and..

White round tags, sparkly number stickers
and mini brads were all purchased at Michaels.
These round tags fit perfectly on the front of each sock.
Just poke the mini brad straight through the sock.
I wanted to put the socks on my magnet chalkboard, so I cut pieces of magnet tape and stuck them on the back.
Of course these would look super cute hanging from a mantle as well...
I lined up the socks in 4 rows of 6.
Now, I just need to hurry and fill them with little treats!
Happy December to you!