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Mini Easter Pails-- He has risen!

For some reason, once you have real Easter grass, the fake grass just doesn't 'cut' it.  Of course the problem with the real stuff is-time.  It takes a bit of pre-planning and work to grow your own grass, but this year I found a much easier route.

Did you know that some grocery stores sell wheatgrass in their organic produce section?  I'm more of a protein shake girl, not so much a green smoothie maker, so I had no idea.  Wheatgrass is generally used in juicing, green smoothies and salads. 

It took me waiting in line at the grocery store to notice the person ahead of me purchasing this.  Of course I asked her where to find the grass and immediately left my groceries and ran to get some. Yes, the folks behind me in line gave some interesting stares.  Obviously they're not 'organic juicers' either?

First, I put the wheatgrass in orange pails for the cutest table decorations at our Carrot Party.  Click here if you missed that.

After the party, I cut up the grass to place it in my mini white pails.

I found my white pails at the Dollar Store, but these mini white pails from Oriental Trading are the same.

Click here to print out these signs. 
I printed my signs on  cardstock. Trim signs.


Using washi tape, adhere a black coffee stirrer to the back of each sign. Stick the sign and a few chocolate eggs into the grass.  It's like a mini egg hunt in a pail.

Hand deliver to your loved ones or place them around your Easter table.

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Happy Easter to you and your family.

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