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Knee Surgery Printable Card and Gift Ideas

What does it tell you that my blog is full of multiple surgery pun cards? Foot surgery, hip surgery, lap band surgery and now knee surgery. Yes, I'm getting old, my folks are getting old, my friends are getting old, hey- we're all getting old.
Like it or not, here's another printable pun card for a knee surgery or knee replacement recipient. Isn't life fun?

Knee gift for  knee replacement surgery

Just print out the card, add a name to the top and sign the bottom. 
Click here to print your own.

Knee Replacement Pun Card to print

And you could add a few knee related gifts to your punny card.
Not that you 'kneed' to or anything, but it might bring a friend some 'knee'ed knee-slapping laughs. (Yes, I have completely overextended it on the knee puns. I can't stop!)

Here's a little shopping list to get you started.
-knee high hosiery
-knee high socks
-knee bandages
-knee patches
-kneeling pad for gardening
-bee themed products (You're the Bee's Knees.)

This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.

And here's a few more.... 
Who knew there were so many knee related products? 

My mom just had a knee replacement--hence the reason why I'm writing knee puns, so I gathered a few little things for her and attached the card to the box.

Fun gift to give a knee surgery

Feel better soon, Mom.

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