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Hip Surgery Gift

I've got a Huey Lewis tune stuck in my head!
You're going to have it too, after reading this.

Yep, I've turned into my mother!  Remember when she had me make Lap Band Surgery cards?   Now, look at me!

A good friend of ours at church just had hip surgery.
I wanted to take him a few little get well soon treats...and somehow my 80's brain came up with this theme.  
(Yes, he didn't really know what I referring to, but oh's the thought that counts, right?)

Yes, ...I grew up listening and dancing to the music of the 80's.  What can I say?  Those tunes will always be in my head!  My best friend, Jana, had this album and we took turns listening to it on her walkman.  No joke!  Oh, the memories!

I wrapped a shoebox up with colorful wrapping paper and filled it up with 'square-shaped' snacks.  I also made some dark chocolate brownies packaged up in a cellophane bag with curling ribbon.
Square shaped pretzels, crackers and chocolates.  I even found some checkered ribbon in my stash.

Know someone going through a hip surgery?
Click here to print your own hip surgery cards.

and because you're already humming the tune...

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