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Eyeball Treats for Halloween!

'Eye' believe you still have time to pull together these 'SEEN'SATIONAL Eyeball Treats.

Just 'look' to your nearest DollarStore and purchase all the spooky 'eye' treats you can find.

Eyeball gum
Eyeball chocolates
Eyeball balls and
Plastic 'severed-bloody' eyeballs.
This stuff sounds and 'looks' pretty spooky.
'Eye' hope you won't be scared off!

Using skinny cellophane bags designed for large pretzel sticks, 
('Search' for these at your local craft store in the baking aisle.) 

Arrange the eyeball treats stacked up
on top of each other 'looking' out.


Tie up with ribbon and add a 'seen'sational tag.
Click here to print your own tags.

To take the tag to 'never-seen before proportions',
simply hot glue various sized googly eyes to the tag.


Deliver to your cuties and watch their eyes pop! 

'Eye' wish you a Happy Halloween!

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