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Spooky Black Widow Spider Cookie Bites

Ooooooh!  Have I got a spooky treat for you!

Enough of the cute spiders! 
If you follow this blog you'll have noticed quite a few 'cute' spider treats and crafts for Halloween. 

Not today!  Oh no...
These spider 'bites' (get it?) are not for the timid! 

I apologize in advance to my mother and sister-in-law who can't stand spiders, even if they're chocolaty and cute! 
In fact, they've stopped reading my blog posts when they see the word 'spider' in the title. 
Next year, maybe I'll stick to pumpkins or cats?
 The ingredients are simple.

-chocolate chips
-Golden Oreo cookies
-purple seedless grapes
-brown M&M's


In a microwave safe bowl, melt 3/4 cup chocolate chips in the microwave for a minute. 
Stir and heat for 30-60 more seconds until smooth and completely melted.  Cool for a minute and pour melted chocolate into a small ziploc.  Make a tiny snip on one corner of the ziploc for easy piping.

On top of each Golden Oreo, use the melted chocolate to make a blob with 8 legs.  There's no exact science to this however, a slight bend in the legs makes the spiders more realistic.
You do want these to look 'sort' of real, don't you?

Immediately stick 1 washed grape and 1 brown M&M
into the chocolate blob.
Just in case you weren't sure, the grape is the body, the M&M candy is the head.
Make an entire platter of black widow spiders to crawl across your table or take to a party.

 The big question is...will you eat one without squirming?

Happy Halloween!

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