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Decorating for a Fundraiser Dinner with Alaska Christian College

 Over the week-end I was in charge of decor for a fundraiser dinner for Alaska Christian College (ACC).  

ACC is a 2 year college in Soldotna, Alaska that was started by a friend of ours 10 years ago.  The school offers a Christ-centered education geared for native Alaskan youths.  Their mission is to prepare young people for whole life discipleship.  It's an amazing school that relies heavily on donations to stay operating. Click here for ACC's website.

My 'awesome' husband (I love calling him that!) is on ACC's Advisory Council, so we were in charge of ACC's fundraiser at our church. 

My task:  Decorate our church's Family Center (aka the gym) for 70 people on a very, very small budget- under $100.  Add to this my crazy schedule of decorating between baseball practice, Opening Day, softball pictures, softball game and a friend's birthday party!  Whew!

Here's what I did:
Using ACC's blue and yellow colors, I purchased 12 blue plastic tablecloths, lots of yellow napkins, 12 yellow gift bags, 1 package of blue tissue paper and 26 balloons.  (There went the budget.  Now I had to get creative!)

Going with the 10th Anniversary/Birthday theme, I used my Cricut machine and cut out lots of yellow circles and tons of blue (ACC) letters and (10) numbers.  

After gluing on the letters, I used floral wire to make the stands.  I wrapped the wire around a fat marker a few times to make a base. 

I then punched a hole in the top and bottom of each circle and threaded the wire through.  The top wire was wrapped around a small pen to form a loop to secure the circle. Credit to my husband and son who helped me curl wire.
A little blue curling ribbon (I do love ribbon!) tied on each wire, completed the circle stands.
Each table was covered with a blue tablecloth topped with a gift bag with 2 ballons coming out of the bag.  Blue tissue paper was added to each bag. 
To secure the wire stands to the tables, I taped them down and then placed a rock on top.  I just happened to have a collection of rocks from Camano Island that I was planning on using for a different project...but they worked well here.  If I had more time, I would have liked to spray paint the rocks yellow or cover them in fabric, goes on. 
Some wire stands were taped inside the gift bags to stick out.  All my extra paper scraps were circle punched and scattered on the tables.  ACC had lots of school information to add to the decor.
The gift bags worked perfectly for the donors to slip their checks into at the end of the night.  Many thanks to Michael & Eddie Saunders and Diana Ponten for helping me with the set-up!  And many thanks to all the kitchen helpers and servers, including...

The amazing Janet Gardner!  She cooked the delicious meal with help from her equally amazing family!
Check out this delicious fresh salmon caught by one of ACC's professors and flown in from Alaska!

And look at this beautiful, double-layer chocolate fudge cake made by Janet and her daughter Sarah!

Here was my piece!  I love chocolate even more than I love ribbon!  Yes, of course I ate the whole thing!
Happy Anniversary ACC!  May God continue to bless your school for many, many more years to come!

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  1. Thanks for these ideas! I was surfing the internet trying to find ideas for decor for my daughter's school fundraiser, I love how now bloggers always have the best ideas!