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Egg carton Easter baskets!

The kids and I recently made these 'EGG'-tra special baskets.
Here's how:
Make yourself a big omelette and save the eggshells and the carton. Remove the lid and cut the carton in half.  (When cutting the carton, a knife works better than scissors.)  Get your kids to help paint the cartons on the inside and out.  A small foam brush works well.

The paint dries quickly on the paper carton.  Go back and fill in any spots that were missed.
Place a cleaned out egg shell in each compartment of the carton.  Fill shells with a few tablespoons of potting soil and scatter grass seeds over the soil.  Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray seeds and place the cartons in a sunny spot.  We covered our cartons lighty with plastic wrap for the first few days to help the seeds stay warmer and sprout.  Be sure to have the kids spray the seeds every day with water.  They'll love using the spray bottle! 

While you're waiting for the grass to grow, (it will be a few days) make the ribbon handles. I chose to make handles that 'stand up' on their own (using wire). Take 1-2 inch wide ribbon and cut 2 pieces (12-18 inches long).  Place the ribbon pieces on top of each other (right sides out) and sew the edges together. I sewed very close to the edge all the way down each side of the ribbon.

Take a 20inch piece of wire (18-20 gage). I used floral wire leftover from this project-click here.  Thread the wire through the middle of the two pieces of sewed ribbon. Now you have wired ribbon that will stay standing up as a handle.

Using a push pin make a hole through the carton on each end. Thread one end of the wire through the hole and loop around to secure to carton. Bunch up the ribbon to your desire and thread the other side of the carton with the other end of the wire. Cut wire if it's too long using wire cutters and wire around to secure. Push ends of ribbon down over the wire.
Have the kids make a few egg signs using foam cut-out egg shapes, punched out letters, (I used my handheld Quikutz to make the 'EGG' letters) and hot glue them with toothpicks. (If the kids are going to give the gift, I always like to have their handwriting on the signs...not mine.)

Add a few sayings like:
You're an 'EGG'cellent teacher!
You're 'EGG'tra special to me!
You are 'EGG'ceptional!
You 'EGG'ceed my expectations!
You are 'EGG'actly what I need! 
OK, OK, I know...I getting a little 'EGG'cited with all my 'EGG'traordinary sayings!  What can I say, I'm an 'EGG'pert!?! HaHaHa! I 'crack' myself up!  Get it? (I don't think I got enough sleep last night?)

Fill your carton baskets with a few of the grass eggs and fill a few compartments with Easter candy eggs.  You've gotta stay with the egg theme!
Stick the egg signs into the grass soil cups.

Deliver these 'EGG' baskets to your teachers and friends!

 Happy Easter!
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  1. I loved my basket! Steve and I have eaten almost all of the candy!! Did Trent get a pretty basket too?

  2. Thanks Kim! Yep, Trent got one as well. We tried to make his a bit more masculine...and we added more candy!

  3. What a fun idea! I love new gift ideas and it's homemade, so that's even better! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for coming by Sassy Sites and linking up. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    Don't forget to enter the giveaways...


  4. This is such an adorable craft project.