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My new crush, Hobby Lobby!

I've been married over 15 years, but my boyfriend's name is Michaels.  I like my girlfriend JoAnn, but Michaels is who I hang out with most often.  I get so excited when I receive e-mails from Michaels with coupons and special deals.  I sometimes dream about living next door to Michaels or being trapped inside with all the crafting products available for me to create things.  Yes, I know I'm a little crazy...well, maybe more than a little crazy?
A recent trip to the Spokane Valley has introduced me to a new friend...
Hobby Lobby.  I'll call him HL for short.

One foot inside the door and I knew HL would put my relationship with Michaels to the test!
HL has aisle after aisle after aisle of

craft supplies,
scrapbooking supplies, floral items, fabric,

home decor items


You should see HL's ribbon selection-Amazing!

I noticed right away that many home decor pieces had scripture on them and one aisle was full of Sunday School crafts, plus I was hearing instrumental praise music.
(Was this what crafting love looks like and sounds like?  I think so!) 

I had to stop an employee to ask about the company, here's what I learned.  HL is a Christian company that is closed on Sundays.  (I love when companies respect the Sabbath!)  HL started in Oklahoma in the 1970's.  It now has 473 stores in 40 states and has finally come to WA state. They just opened their store in Spokane and another store in Kennewick.  AND...drum roll please......they're opening a store in Seattle!!!  Yes!  I was so excited when I heard this, I was practically jumping for joy in the sticker aisle!


Of course I wanted more detailed information, (like where in the Seattle area?) but that was all she said.  After spending about 3 hours looking down every aisle (I'm not joking.),

check out this aisle of apothecary jars and

colorful bins,

and a lighting section,

and this red vase collection!  (Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked.)

As I was saying, I walked down every aisle (some aisles more than once), bought a few treasures (including a ribbon grab bag-how could I resist!) then I returned back to my parent's home and looked up Hobby Lobby's website

I searched the entire site, but nowhere does it tell me about an HL store in Seattle! 
No!  How will I survive a 4 hour long-distance relationship? 
Does this mean that I'll be visiting my parents in Spokane more often? (Won't my parents and husband be pleased?!)
Does this mean I'll have to keep courting Michaels for a bit longer?
Does this mean my Michaels crafting dreams will now change to being locked inside of HL?
How will I go on?

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  1. Oh. My. This is a beautiful thing! Look at all those jars and bins. Them coming to Seattle may be a dangerous thing for my budget! The store looks absolutely huge.

  2. Yes, the store was gigantic and yes, I did notice that the prices were a bit more than Michaels...but the selection was amazing!

  3. have i mentioned that i love you?!!!
    you're so great!

  4. Just in case you hadn't found out yet. There is a HL opening at the end of the month in Lynnwood. (The old GI Joes) And in January one will open up in Everett. The old Cost Plus, corner of Everett Mall Way and Evergreen Way. I'm super excited. Never been to one before. :)

  5. Love it! I can't wait to go on Saturday!