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Boy Valentines-- Printable Cheesy Valentines

Yes, I will admit it.  
Valentines can be a little cheesy.  
So, why not state the obvious?

Plus...who doesn't like cheese? 
Printable Boy Valentines

Today is the 4th valentine option I gave my son.
(I actually have one more option for tomorrow.)
And then it's time to choose.

Have you been following along this week to see my son's choices?
Scroll to the bottom of post to catch up.

Cheesy Printable

Most kids like Cheez-It's or cheese sticks.  
This could even be a healthy valentine--gasp!  (Extra point for mom!)

Printable Boy Valentines

Print out cards and trim edges.
Attach to cheese snack with festive washi tape.

Cheesy Printable

You could even trim off the excess card
 and tape on a cheese wedge-shaped greeting.

A few of my friends asked for valentines that don't use colored ink.
These work nice with black ink on yellow cardstock.

Printable Boy Valentines

This valentine could even be attached to a fancy cheese (& wine?) gift for the teacher.

Cheesy Printable 
Click here to print your own Cheesy Valentines.

Here's my source for individual packages of Cheez-Its:
(affiliate link to help you locate products)

Do you think my son will choose these valentines to hand out to his class?  There's no pink, red, hearts or mushy valentine greeting...

There's also no candy. Hmmm???  Will no candy ruin this valentine?  I guess I could look for candy in the shape of cheese? Stay tuned.

Here's another popular boy valentine I made for my son... Click here to see and print your own.
Printable Funny Boy Valentines

***Have you been following along this week with our Boy Valentines?  Try to guess which valentine my 11 year old son will choose to hand out to his class.

Option 1:   Popping Valentine
Printable Boy Valentines

Option 2:   Pirate Valentine

Printable Boy Valentines

Option 3:   'Toad'ally Hoppin' Valentine
Printable Boy Valentines

Option 4:   Cheesy Valentine
Printable Boy Valentines

Option 5:  Kickin' Soccer Valentine
Printable Boy Valentines

Click here to see the winner.

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Still want more? I wasn't joking when I said I loved valentines!
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  1. Loving all your creative boy Valentines ideas!

  2. Hahaha! I could totally see a boy liking these!

  3. Super cute! It can't be cheesy enough!

  4. I have been looking on Pinterest for fun Valentines Day cards for my son to take to school and this was the only one he seemed thrilled about! So cute :) And you provide the printables for free! Like.... really FOR FREE, it doesn't just SAY free! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Thank you for making this Valentines Day so much easier!!!

  6. we are doing late valentines. When I pull it up it shows black instead of navy. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much!!!!

    1. Nope, nothing is wrong. I made the valentines with black ink on yellow.

  7. Thank you so much! Both of my boys (9 and 11) have parties this week. This was perfect for them!

  8. My daughter is using this for the boys in her 5th grade class--it's perfectly cheesy! Thank you so much...this is the last year we have to do Valentine's and you helped me make it a little easier this time. We've always done something handmade or at least creative. I'll give you the credit this time :-)

  9. Hello!
    I am trying to pull up the cheesy valentine printable but get errors in both IE and Chrome. Any suggestions?
    BTW, great design; my son thinks they are pretty cool (kindergartener!)
    Thank you!

  10. Per getting the cheesy printable to open, I was able to do it via my phone.
    Thank you!

  11. Some have had trouble opening the printable. I've updated it to a PDF and you shouldn't have trouble anymore. Thanks for letting me know.