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Sweetheart Valentine Printable

We're getting a head start on valentines around here. 

A trip to the Dollar store resulted in my teen daughter getting excited for the holiday.  While shopping, she happened to see some 'Dazzled Tarts' flavored Sweethearts candies.  

A pack of 4 for $1. According to my daughter, this flavor of Sweethearts is the best!  So of course she loaded the cart.
I just wish they made them like they used to. 
Remember when the boxes were made with clear windows and you could see inside?  Those boxes made the
cutest craft.  Click here.   

Oh well, I don't think my teen would appreciate me putting her picture on a box of instead, I crafted up these little tags. 

My daughter signed the back of the boxes...
and we tied on a valentine ribbon.(You know that ribbon makes everything better!)

The tags were stuck on the front of the boxes with double stick tape.

These are ready for delivery.

I love that I won't be making these the night before Valentines Day!
Click here to print out your own Sweetheart tags.

Here's how we made Sweetheart tags in the past.


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  1. super sweet printable! I do miss those old boxes too.

  2. Oh so cute!!! I love your printables, too! I need to learn how to make printables. Do you have to have a special program, etc.? Is there a tutorial that you know of? Sorry for all the questions, but I think it would be fun to play around with. Sounds like a fun flavor to try too! xoxo

  3. Hi Michelle, Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for these sweet printables.
    Can't wait to get busy and use them.

  4. I LOVE these! I love that the font you used for "sweetheart" matches the font on the box. I've never tried these conversation hearts, but they sound dazzling! ;)

  5. Love that you are already done with your Valentines. I need to get on the ball with ours since we've got a birthday a few days after the 14th which is really what I need to focus on