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Valentines for Boys- Printable Popping Valentine

Valentine's day is quickly approaching.
My daughter's valentines have been done for weeks.  

My son is...well,
Valentine's day for 11 year old boys is not easy.

He doesn't want anything girly, mushy, pink or babyish.
He doesn't want it to say 'You're sweet' or 'Be Mine' or 'Be My Valentine' or basically anything.  
It needs to be OK to give to girls and guys 
and not be embarrassing.
The valentine can NOT make any girl think that he likes them more than a friend.

I crafted up a few simple valentine choices, 
and thought I would put my blog readers to the test.

I will present 5 different valentine ideas this week.  
At the end of the week, you can guess (comment) which valentine you think my son will choose...then I'll reveal his choice.
Are you game?

Today's Valentine Option #1 is a Popping Candy Valentine.

I'm sure you've seen those Pop Rocks candies that kids seem to love...but did you know that the Dollar Tree carries their own version of Pop Rocks? 
25 mini packages for $1.   
That's enough for a whole class.  This is a very inexpensive valentine to make! 

Simply print out the cards, trim and tape on a package of Popping Candy or Pop Rocks.
Of course I used festive red chevron washi tape, 
but plain tape can work too.

What do you think?  
They're not mushy, not pink, not embarrassing, right?  
Yes, they have red on them...but no hearts.
They could be for a girl or a boy.
Do you think my son will choose to hand these out?
Click here to print your own Popping Valentines.

***Have you been following along this week with our Boy Valentines?  Try to guess which valentine my 11 year old son will choose to hand out to his class.

Option 1:   Popping Valentine

Option 2:   Pirate Valentine

Option 3:   'Toad'ally Hoppin' Valentine

Option 4:   Cheesy Valentine

Option 5:  Kickin' Soccer Valentine

Click here to see the winner.

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  1. My son is the same. Great idea!

  2. Love this - I think my 2nd grader would love this for his class - can't decide if I should run to the dollar store right now or wait for your other ideas :)

  3. Very cute....I mean cool...not cute at all ;)I think these totally meet his high standards!! LOL Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. I love these! It's so great that you're sharing a Valentine option for boys. I love that you attached the candy to the printable with washi tape! :)