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Camper Housewarming Gift

Question for you. WHAT do you give your sister and brother-in-law when they get a new camper? 
A Camper Housewarming Gift, of course! (or should I say a camperwarming gift?)

And just WHAT might that be, you ask? 
Well...I have a few ideas, take a look.

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.  All opinions are 100% my own.  No product was given to me.)

As you know, storage space is tight in a why not give collapsible kitchen gifts that can be stored easily when not in use? 
Collapsible Measuring Cups and Nesting Measuring Spoons  are perfect for cooking. 
Mini Cutting Board Set with Knife will be used often. 
Mini Collapsible Colander and Strainer is the perfect size for rinsing fresh berries, vegetables and even pasta.
Come to think of it...these gifts would be perfect in any home, not just small spaces.

I used one small, plastic bin with tissue paper to hold and package the items. (Bin found at the Dollar Store.)

Print out this sweet tag on cardstock.
Click here to print your own Camper Sweet Camper tag.

Place all the items in the bin and tie on the tag with ribbon.
Hand deliver.

Here's some more great collapsible items for any home.

Here's some more housewarming ideas.
Summer Housewarming Gift with printable tag

Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift with printable tag.

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