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Graduation Gift Cards with Amazon

Graduation cards are flying out of here faster than you can say 'Congratulations'!  I'm not sure why, but we sure know a lot of high school and college graduates this year!  Whew!
If you're looking for a fun graduation card and gift, take a look at these crafty graduate amazon cards.

You may have remembered this post when I crafted up some 'amAzing' dad gift cards.  This time it's all about the 'grAds'.

This post contains affiliate links to help you locate supplies.


-cardstock.  (Preferably in the graduate's school colors.)
-glue stick, tape, baker's twine
-large envelopes
-black letter stickers
-white letter stickers 
-Amazon gift cards (Use an Amazon gift card with the large letter 'a' on it. Any amount.) 

Cut your cardstock to the correct size to fit in your envelope.  I used two colors.  One for the back and a smaller size to fit on top.
Adhere with glue stick.

Use the white letter stickers to spell the word, 'GRAD' directly on the gift card. My letter 'G' hung over the edge of the card, but that doesn't matter. If your sticker letter set doesn't have exclamation marks, use a lowercase letter 'j'.  Just cut off the curl on the end and flip it upside down.
Use the scotch tape (make loops with tape) to stick the gift card onto the cardstock.

 Using the black letter stickers, spell out the message,
"Congrats"  or "Way to Go" onto the cardstock, above the gift card.

It's even more fun when you have lots of different black letter fonts.  This is a great way to use up some of those leftover stickers you might already have. Use capital letters mixed in with lower case letters.

I tied on some baker's twine around the entire card to finish it off.

 Match the twine color with the card...of course!

Another quick option if you don't have letter stickers is to use a fine tip, white paint marker like this one.  Write directly on the card and let dry.

Congratulations to all those graduates!

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