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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

8 Great Father's Day Party Ideas

Father's Day is such a fun time to celebrate the men in your life.
Dads, Grandpas and Uncles always appreciate a party in their honor. What better way to celebrate than with some fun foods, treats and puns? I've pulled together 8 Father's Day party theme ideas from the blog.  Take a look.  Maybe you'll find the perfect idea to celebrate Dad this year?

Fishing is a great theme to celebrate dad.  You'll love the 'fish' related menu and so will the kids.  Dad will especially 'groan' at all those fish tale puns and who doesn't enjoy a fun photo booth?

This theme is feast!  It's a pizza party for Dad!  Make your own pizzas and have dessert pizzas, too!  Free printable tags included as well as some fun pizza ideas...with moustaches, of course!

This is not a 'drill' it's a party for Dad!  Is your dad a handyman? Use all those 'tools' (props) from the garage to help decorate for this party. Fun snacks go perfect with tool names.  Free printable tags included. 

This was actually a birthday party for my brother, but could easily be adapted to a Father's Day Donut Party.  If Dad is a donut lover, this is the party theme for you!  The donut tree is surprisingly easy to pull off!

Baseball is always the favorite party theme in our house.  Lots of great baseball treats including the ever popular home plate cupcakes.  Mmm!

Got Game?  This is the perfect dinner party for Dad!  He'll be shooting hoops from his seat and he'll love the puns straight from the game...especially the 'turnovers'?!

If Dad has never had a football themed party, then this is a must!  Lots of menu planning ideas will help you 'throw' a great celebration in no time! Add a runner of artificial turf to the table and you've got a party!

This party is Just Fore Dad!  C
lever golf puns and sayings match up with yummy brunch foods.  Your golfing dad will love this par-tee! Free printable tags included.  The tee-off cupcakes were a 'hit'!

Well, did I get your creative juices flowing?  What theme would you like to help celebrate Dad?  Let me know.  I might just make that our next one?


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