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Printable Fish Pun Valentines

What is it about fish puns? Why do I 'sea' them everywhere?
I'm not even sure they have a 'porpoise', do they? Ha!

Well, I wanted to take this oppor'tuna'ty to 'fry' up some fish pun know, for the 'halibut'...and because it's Valentine 'season'. (Yes, that was a bit of a stretch, I'll try to 'scale' it back.)

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

The best thing about fish valentines are the treats and toys!

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

(affiliate links included to help you locate products.)
Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish and even plastic fish toys work great with these valentines.

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

 Click here to print your own Fish Valentines.

Print on cardstock and in color for best results. There's 6 on a page, 2 of each design.

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

Using 4x6" cellophane bags (aff. link), place the trimmed valentine and a few Swedish Fish candies inside the bag. Fold top of bag over and staple.

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

There you have it. Make a few, or a whole 'school' of them.
(...had to do it.)

Fish Pun Printable Valentines

Here's another 'splashy' valentine idea for you--squirt toys!
 Click here.

Printable Valentines with sea creatures

Click here to see the A to Z list of ALL the Valentine ideas on my blog!


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