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AMAZEing Printable Valentine

Looking for a printable valentine that works for both girls and boys?  Take a look at this's perfect for the's aMAZEing!
You could attach a fun maze toy, a pencil or even just give the valentine as it is. Take a look. 

AMAZEING Valentine Printables

Valentine printables with a maze pen or toy.

I found these maze pens at Target awhile ago, but there are lots of maze pens and toys out there. Take a look at some of these ideas.
(affiliate links included to help you locate products.)

Maze Valentines to print and give

Simply print out the mazes and tie (or tape) on a maze pen or toy.
 Click here to print your own.

AMAZEING Valentine Printables

Have an aMAZEing Day! 

This valentine is part of my 10 Printable Puzzle Valentines.
Click here to see.

Click here to scroll through my Valentine Vault which holds every valentine on my blog.


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