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Winter Olympics Printable Valentines

10 Printable Winter Olympics Valentines

Hello!  You've reached my A to Z Valentine Printable Series. Valentines for each day of the alphabet.
Today is the Letter O.

This is a Winter Olympics year and Opening Ceremonies begin next week! Every kid loves the Olympics, don't they?  Rooting for their country, watching incredible athletes and dreaming....
Am I the only one who dreamed about twirling on the ice just like Dorothy Hamill?  And why, yes---I did have her haircut and her Barbie Doll! (I'm totally showing my age right now, aren't I!)

I've crafted up some Winter Olympics themed Valentine printables for you. Take a look.

Winter Olympics Valentines with Gold Medals

You can easily make your own. Simply print out the valentines on cardstock. (affiliate link)  Click here to print.

10 Printable Winter Olympics Valentines

(affiliate links included to help you locate products.)

Gather up some red or blue ribbon, tape, large gold chocolate coins and these small 3"x 4"resealable bags.

If you wanted to make this a non-candy valentine, use these plastic gold medal toys.

10 Printable Winter Olympics Valentines

Measure enough ribbon to go around your head and hang down at a good length.  I made mine about 30"-32" in length.
Tape the ends of the ribbon to the back of the coin.

Winter Olympics Valentines with Gold Medals

Place the medals into the resealable bags and tape on a printable valentine.

Winter Olympics Valentines with Gold Medals

Of course you wouldn't have to tape on ribbon to the coins...just slip a few chocolate gold coins in the bag and call it good. You could also use other gold candies like Rolos.

Winter Olympics Valentines with Gold Medals

Click here to print your own Winter Olympics Valentines.

I also love this Olympics Rings Valentine.
You Have a Heart of Gold by Stitch Craft

Are you looking for some Olympics activities?
Click here to see our Olympics dinner.
Family Night Olympics Dinner

Want to see all the ideas in this A to Z Valentine Series?
Take a look!

A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter A- Animals
Letter B- Boy
Letter C-Chocolate
Letter D- Dinosaurs
Letter E- Eye Glasses
Letter F- Fish
Letter G- Greenery (Plants)
Letter H- Around the Home Love Notes
Letter I- Ice Cream

A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter J- Jellybeans
Letter K- Kool-Aid
Letter L- Light
Letter M- Mustache
Letter N- Ninja
Letter O- Olympics (Winter)
Letter P- Puzzles

Letter Q- Quirky
A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter R- Robots
Letter S- Straws
Letter T- Teachers
Letter U-
Kitchen Utensils
Letter V-
Scripture Verses
Letter W- Candy Bar Wrappers
Letter X- XOXO
Letter Y-Yolk & Egg
Letter Z- Zebra

Check out my A to Z Valentines from last year.

Letter A- Apples
Letter B- Balls
Letter C- Cookies
Letter D- Donuts
Letter E- Emojis
Letter F- Frogs
Letter G- Gum
Letter H- Hearts
Letter I- Insects

Print your own valentines

Letter J- Jokes
Letter K- Kisses
Letter L- LEGO
Letter M- Money
Letter N- Nuts
Letter O- Office
Letter P- Popcorn
Letter Q- QT Pies
Letter R- Race Cars 

Print your own valentines

Letter S- Scripture
Letter T- Tic-Tac-Toe
Letter U- Unicorn
Letter V- Vader
Letter W- Whales
Letter X- X for Treasure
Letter Y- Yo-Yo
Letter Z - Zoo

Print your own valentines

Want even more ideas?  See my Valentine Vault of all valentines on michellepaigeblogs.

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