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Egg Pun Valentines

One more day until Valentine's Day, but don't worry...there's still plenty of time to craft up some valentines. I've got so many quick and easy valentine ideas, that you might find yourself making and giving valentines to everyone! Read on...

Punny Egg Valentines

Today is the Letter Y of my A to Z Valentine Printables.

Y is for yolk (and eggs).
Yes, it gets a bit difficult to come up with valentine ideas for these last few letters of the alphabet...but wait until you see these crazy egg valentines--they'll have you cracking up--which gives you a yolk--which begins with the letter Y--ok, I'll stop now.

Printable Egg Valentine by Make and Tell
honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Valentine's Day Bookmarks by Frugal Mom Eh

Punny Egg Valentines

I love these cute little egg treats made with stick pretzels, white candy melts and yellow M&M's.

Punny Egg Valentines

These fun chocolate Kinder Eggs have a toy inside each one. These can now be found in the US grocery stores or online click here. (affiliate link) You could also use a chocolate Cadbury egg.
Kinder Egg Printable Valentine by Little Miss Kate

DIY Kinder Egg Valentines with Free Printable via

Punny Egg Valentines

Egg Valentine Printable by The Wanderlusted
Free Printable Valentine cards

Punny Egg Valentines

Egg Pun Card by SubStellerStudio via Etsy $
Punny Egg Valentines

As I was searching for egg valentines, I kept coming across pictures of these vintage valentines from the 1960's. These are difficult to find and to buy, but sometimes they show up on Etsy or Ebay.  I just love the puns!  
Punny Egg Valentines

This breakfast idea for Valentine's Day is the sweetest!  

Egg Valentines

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      A to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables
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