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Bread Valentines with Free Printables

It's Day 2 of my A to Z Valentines and today is the Letter B.
B is for bread.

A to Z Valentines

It doesn't get any cuter than these tiny bread loaves of cinnamon bread all wrapped up and ready to hand deliver.

I've been working my way through Joanna Gains' Magnolia Table Cookbook. It's lovely. Just about every recipe is scrumptious. This one is no exception.

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I used my mini loaf pan which I absolutely love!

Once cooled, drizzle a powdered sugar glaze over the top, and of course add heart shaped sprinkles.

Now if you don't have the Magnolia Table Cookbook, any bread recipe will work in the mini loaves pan. Here's one to try that is similar--click here for recipe.

Once set, wrap up each bread in plastic wrap.

Print out the tags and gather some baker's twine.
Click here to print. (without Valentine's Day).

Click here to print (with Valentine's Day).

Hole punch the tags, then tie on the baker's twine and the tags.  So sweet and simple. Hand deliver to your loved ones.

You could make your own tags and use some more bread puns.
Here's a few to get you started:
-I've got a 'crust' on you!
-You're my butter half.
-Love you more than sliced bread.
-I like you butter than anyone else.
Here's some fun Valentine's Day Bread ideas.

Valentine's Day Fairy Bread Treats

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Bread Recipe Horizontal

Mini Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Monkey Bread Recipe

image 0

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Hundreds of valentine ideas in an A to Z library.

Here's just a sample:
A to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables
      A to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables @michellepaigeblogs.comA to Z Valentine Printables
A to Z Valentine Printables, Puns & Ideas

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