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Gotta Love a Junk Show!

Guess where I went last week-end?
The Funky Junk Salvation Show! 

(My friend Dixie, and her sister Linda are the Funky Junk Sisters!)


This show is always packed full with treasures upon treasures!
My friend Kristen joined me again. 

Check out some of the fun we had.

First of all, you've got to see this adorable camper decked out for Christmas!  Too cute!

We always love to see how each vendor displays their wares.

We loved this fun ornament chandelier.

 Look at this beautiful display!

These pumpkins caught our eye.


Take a look at this idea.
(I had to take a picture for my spoon loving friend, Leah.)

There is just something I love about tulle and sparkly glitter on a Christmas tree!

What a great time!

It's always hard to take pictures at these shows.
(No one wants you to copy their ideas...I totally get it...but I LOVE to document the fun!)

Check out our past Funky Junk Salvation adventures.




  1. That spoon ornament is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pic!

  2. Love it all! Looks like a lot of fun was had.