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Encouragement gifts to give

Online or in-person, it's going to be a great school year.
Yep, I already know.
Because encouragement is in the air...and in case you didn't know, it's much more contagious that the Coronavirus! Yes! Yes it is!

So get out there and encourage all those teachers and parents and kids who are unsure and stressed about the school year and let's infect them with some encouragement!
Here's an easy way.

A Cup of Encouragement
Make a cup of encouragement to brighten someone's day.

Bright and colorful plastic tumblers with lids and straws were found at Michaels. I snatched up a handful on clearance.

Encouragement gifts

Gather snacks, treats or small gifts to put inside. These are going to teacher friends, so I wanted to give them snacks to endure the first day of school. Make sure the straw and lid fit back on the cups.

Fill a cup of encouragement

Print out the tags and cut apart.  Click here to print your own. 

Cup of Encouragement printable tag

Cup of Encouragement printable tag

Fill in the tag and hole punch a corner. I wrote a little note on the back of the tags as well.

Encouragement gifts to give

Use ribbon or netting to tie the tags onto the cups.

Encouragement gifts to give

Encouragement gifts to give

Hand deliver to your people.

Encouragement gifts to give

Most of mine were porch deliveries due to Covid.
Encouragement gifts to give

However, this teacher friend was on a lunch break walk around the block. Perfect timing!

Encouragement gifts to give

Let's bring overflowing encouragement to our teachers, school staff, parents and kids. Let's make this year awesome, no matter what restrictions are placed on us. We can do this!

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It's a Pretzel Party and this one is for the dads- Happy Father's Day. Yep. Big, soft pretzels and lots of puns. What dad wouldn't want this kind of celebration?
This theme works for any type of party however, dads seem to love pretzels the most. If you're a beer drinking family, add beer to your pretzel menu, if not, no worries. We had lemonade and loved it.
Scroll down to see all our pretzel puns for Father's Day. You can even print out my pretzel printables to help host your own Pretzel Party.

Pretzel Bar Party

The trick to making this fast and simple is to use the store-bought Auntie Anne's frozen pretzels found at any grocery store. They only take a few minutes to heat up and they're delicious.
If you're wanting an easy homemade pretzel recipe, click here to see how we made yeast pretzels with our kids. 

Auntie Anne's Pretzels for Father's Day

Auntie Anne's pretzels baked at home

I made 4 different pretzel toppings available: butter, cheese, hot mustard and cinnamon & sugar. 
I kept these toppings warm using my
(aff. link) butter warmers. I added bigger ceramic dishes to the top of the tea-lighted racks. It worked perfectly.

Printed labels helped identify each topping. The big surprise of the party was that almost everyone wanted butter with cinnamon and sugar on their pretzel. Guess I didn't need so many toppings?

Pretzel party with

I printed off lots of pretzel puns and displayed them inside (aff. link) clear plastic display frames. Naturally, some were better than others.
Scroll to the end of this post for a link to print your own. 

Pretzel Party and toppings

Pretzel puns

Pretzel Bar Party

Pretzel Bar Party

Pretzel puns and

Serve yourself Pretzel Party

Be sure to heat up enough pretzels for everyone to have more than one!
Pretzel Bar Party
Pretzel Bar Party

I made a few dessert pretzel recipes to go with the party. I'm sure you've tried these Rolo Pretzel Bites, haven't you? And what about this Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark? Both are delicious!

Pretzel Bar Party

I made a simple Father's Day pennant banner using the slick (aff. link) Banner Punch Board and my (aff. link) Cricut machine to cut the letters. These tools make banner making fast!

Pretzel Bar Party

Table decor included these fun candy dishes with pretzels and Tootsie Rolls. My son made these pretzel balloons.

Pretzel Bar Party

Can you believe that you can make pretzels from a warmed up Tootsie Roll? It's true! Unwrap, then warm them up in the microwave for 10-12 seconds and mold them into a pretzel shape. Add white sprinkles to look like salt.

Pretzel Bar Party

I also added a fun activity to the table with cups of mini marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Each guest was challenged to build something with their supplies.

Pretzel Bar Party

Pretzel Bar Party

The dads did pretty well with this challenge. 

We finished off our party with a little photo shoot.
I used one blue tablecloth hung on a wall and decorated it with streamers and ribbons. Props were big glasses and balloons. 

Pretzel Bar Party

Pretzel party photo shoot

Pretzel gift ideas:
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Can't be with a loved one on their birthday or special occasion?Want to celebrate with someone far away? Send them a party wrapped up in a box. It's fun, easy and festive. Now, you could pack up a generic birthday party, nothing wrong with that. Click here to see my version.
how about packing up a box filled with some flamingo party themed flair?
Now, wouldn't that be some party?!

Pack up a flamingo party

It's my mom's birthday and Mother's Day and I just COULDN'T let Covid-19 kill all of my party plans. So I did what I could and packed it up and sent it to my mom across the state. Won't she be surprised opening up this box?

Pack up a flamingo party

I gathered up presents, treats, party decor, puns and even some homemade flamingo-shaped sugar cookies. Everything my mom needed to have a little party for herself...without me.
Life is a bit sad being quarantined---sometimes you just need a bright, pink flamingo-themed celebration, right?

Pack up a flamingo party
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These plastic flamingo shaped bottles are from the Dollar Tree years ago when I used them for this Hawaiian-themed party. I haven't been able to locate them since, but I did find the cutest flamingo mug that would be perfect, click here
to see.

Pack up a flamingo party

You probably don't recognize these hot pink poms way back from my first year of blogging, do you? I made these out of plastic tablecloths years ago in this post. They're super easy to make and they keep forever! I reuse them over and over to decorate tables, plus they offer perfect padding for mailing a party in a box!

Flamingo swizzle sticks with puns
This post contains affiliate links.

Flamingo puns are pretty cute, especially when they're taped to these flamingo swizzle sticks. These sticks can be put in flower arrangements, vases, drink glasses, mini pails, etc. etc.

Pack up a flamingo party
This post contains affiliate links.

I had some fun baking, frosting and sprinkling these flamingo sugar cookies. I wrapped them individually in plastic wrap and then bubble wrap before packing them in the box. We'll see how many pieces they arrive in?

Flamingo puns
This post contains affiliate links.

These fun party straws open up to create a 3-D flamingo. Perfect to add to a party box.
The flamingo pun cards are designed to be printed on card stock and trimmed.

Click here to print the flamingo pun cards.
If you'd like some plain flamingo cards to write your own sentiments, click here to print. You could make them into gift labels, name cards, food labels, etc.

Flamingo party in a box with free pun printables

These flamingo pun cards go best with a Mother's Day party or a party for a mom, however you can just use the ones that make sense for your occasion. Or better yet, print out the plain ones and write your own flamingo pun or greeting.

Flamingo party in a box with free pun printables

You're a flamingood mom!

Go Celebrate! Don't make me put my foot down!

Wish we could flamingle!
Stand tall and have a great birthday!
I'm tickled pink that you're my mom!
Thanks for always giving me a leg up!
So glad I'm part of your flock!
Thanks for always sticking your neck out for me.
Have a flamingood Birthday!

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