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When your Ultimate Frisbee-lovin' son is about to turn 15...and you need a party theme he'll actually appreciate...well, you know what to do.

Ultimate Frisbee Party

First of all, if you were not aware that Ultimate Frisbee is a sport, I must tell you that it is in fact a sport with it's own culture, language and rules.  There are games, tournaments, select teams, college teams, professional teams and even a SOTG 'Spirit of the Game' expectations.  There is a rumor out there that Ultimate will possibly become an Olympic sport as well?  So on your next walk in the park, watch out for flying discs overhead.  And by the way, discs are the correct term for frisbees...if you really want to sound like you know what you're talking about.

Ultimate Frisbee Printables

My son joined the local high school Ultimate team last fall and found his calling.  He quit all other sports to just focus on one.  Our entire family (grandparents included) have had a steep learning curve this year in Ultimate...this isn't disc golf!

Ultimate Frisbee Printables
Ultimate Frisbee Printables

OK, back to the party.Frisbees...I mean discs, were the focal point. I chose blue and yellow, because those were the color of discs that I found.  I made printables to tape on the front of each disc. (Scroll down to end of post if you'd like to print out your own.)

Ultimate Frisbee Printables

Blue and yellow crepe paper, curling ribbon and balloons helped carry the color theme.  My son added his own special white discs to the decor.  Apparently Ultimate games and practices are always played with white discs.

Ultimate Frisbee Party

(Affiliate link) These mini discs were perfect for place setting name tags as well as...

Ultimate Frisbee Party
Ultimate Frisbee Party

...for labeling snacks.
I chose round shaped snacks to resemble discs.
Ultimate Frisbee Party Snacks

Ritz crackers, round pretzels and Funyuns onion rings filled up the glass containers.

Ultimate Frisbee Party Snacks

I added the yellow Laffy Taffy because it was the perfect color,

Ultimate Frisbee Party Snacks

Instead of making one cake, I made individual Ultra Star disc cakes for each guest.  According to my son, Ultra Star discs are the best out there.

Ultimate Frisbee Party Snacks

I made yellow cakes with rich chocolate frosting, my son's favorite. To make the stars, I used a paper stencil and poured yellow sugar crystals onto it.

Ultimate Frisbee Party Cake

 Blue plastic disc plates.

Ultimate Frisbee Party Cake

The boys were so excited to have their very own cakes to eat!

 Ultra Star Frisbee Cakes

And of course, every party needs a photo booth.  Simple crepe paper taped up makes an easy, colorful back drop.

Photo booth with hanging crepe paper

So I bet you're wondering what a group of 15 year olds do at a party nowadays?  

My son had every minute planned with a Mario Cart Wii Competition, NERF gun battle, Laser Tag, Basketball Shootout and of course some frisbee thrown in!  

Ultimate Frisbee Party

Happy 15th Birthday, Kid!
Click here to print your own Ultimate Party Printables.

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Just had to share with you this little card I made my mom, who recently had foot and toe surgery.  And naturally, it's filled with foot and toe puns. You do know that puns make everyone feel better, right?!  Take a look.
Toe and Foot Surgery Get Well Card

I added a pair of fuzzy socks to go with the card.
Foot Surgery Get Well Card and gift

Click here to print your own card. There's two versions, one with painted toes, one without.  Cut in half and choose which version you want to give.

Print your own Get Well Soon from Foot Surgery card.

Speaking of feet...remember my Back to School 'Foot Party'?
Click here to see party post for fun 'feet' ideas, treats and of course, more foot/toe puns!

Foot themed partyFoot and toe puns

Other interesting cards/gifts I've made...
and blogged about--no joke!

Lap Band Surgery Get Well Cards
Lap Band Printable Cards

Hip Surgery Get Well Card and Gift
Square gifts for hip surgery

When the Trial is Over
Divorce gift for a friend

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It's just about St. Patrick's Day and I've rounded up a bunch of simple, sham'rockin' ideas for you from the blog.  Check them out!

Simple St. Patrick's Day Ideas and Printables

Whether you're hosting a St.Patrick's Day meal, dessert or a March birthday party, (we have lots of March birthdays in our house.) here's some fun and easy ideas.  Click here.

St. Patrick's Day Party

Not sure these need an explanation...chocolate, peppermint, chocolate brownies.  What's not to like?
Peppermint Pattie Brownies.  Click here.

Peppermint Brownies

If not in a brownie, how about on a stick?

Peppermint Pops.  Click here.
Make your own Peppermint Patty Pops

And what about green waffles, green fruit and green drinks---they make a perfect St. Patrick's Day Breakfast!  Click here.
St. Patrick's Day Breakfast ideas

Need some little favors to hand out to family, friends, teachers and neighbors? Check out these fun printables.

Lucky Leprechaun Treats  Click here.
Leprechaun Treat Favors

Lucky and Blessed Printables.  Click here.

St. Patrick's Day Printables

Printables for St. Patrick's Day

Lucky to have you for a teacher Printables

There's a ton more St. Patrick's Day ideas around here.  Click on some of these links to see.
St. Patrick's Day Treats
Now, don't forget to wear your green!

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3.14 or March 14th, is Pi Day.
For a cutie pie.  Pi Day Printables

Which really means, PIE day.  And who doesn't like pie?
Got any math lovers in your life?  Or really anyone who loves pie--this is the perfect Pi Day treat!  (For a Cutie Pie.)

Mini pies at WalMart

These mini pies are found at WalMart for 50 cents!
Purchase pies, print out these tags, trim and attach.

Printable tags for Pi Day

Now you could easily just tape a tag to the top of each box....OR
tie it on with some green ribbon.  You know I always choose ribbon!

Pi Day tags

Hand deliver.
After taking these photos I realized I forgot to add a plastic fork. Just tape one on--you could even use coordinating washi tape.

When I gave these to my family, they didn't even use a fork!
Oh well.

Pi Day tags for mini pies

 Click here to print your own Pi Day tags.

Here's some more Pi Gifts (Affiliate links)
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Some GREEN for your day!

Printables for St. Patrick's Day

Here's a cute little printable to add some festive green color to someone's St. Patrick's Day.  Everyone needs a little green in their life, especially on St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Printables

Just print out these tags, trim and attach to any green treat.

You know my trick for scoring inexpensive green M&M's right?
Buy the red and green candies on Christmas clearance in January. Sort the colors.  Save the red M&M's for Valentine treats and the green ones for St. Patrick's Day.  (Store M&M's in ziplocs in the pantry for up to 12 months.)

I'm totally a M&M's fan, but if you have healthy friends- tie this tag onto a green drink, green fruit or a prepackaged salad.

Green treat for St. Patrick's Day

Click here to print your own tags.

St. Patrick's Day printables

Wishing you a very GREEN St. Patrick's Day!


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St. Patrick's Day Printables

And just like that, it's March!  Whew!

Today I have a little St. Patrick's Day printable for you to hand out to your friends.  So easy to spread a little St. Patrick's Day cheer around your office, church, community or friend group.

St. Patrick's Day Printables

Just purchase these
(affiliate link) Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Squares and print out the tags.
Click here to print your tags.
For best results print on cardstock.  Trim edges.

St. Patrick's Day printables

Then staple the candy right onto the back of the tag.
Address and sign (or leave blank) and deliver.

St. Patrick's Day Printables

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have YOU in my life. Thanks for reading my blog.

Happy March to you!

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