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Need a little Halloween 'gift' for someone?
Of course you do!
  I whipped up these little jars for my nephews.
They only take a few minutes...I promise!
I always love a cute and quick craft.
Here's what you'll need:
-Empty and clean baby food jars.
-Halloween candy (Peeps and candy corn.)
-Duck tape (I used the houndstooth pattern.)
-Ribbon (You know I can't make a craft without it!)
-Cute Halloween tags. (I made mine with picmonkey.)
 Step 1
Cover the top of the baby food jar lids with Duck Tape.
I cut 2 small pieces of tape and overlaped them on the lid.
Fold tape down over the sides of the lid.
Trim off excess.
Step 2
Stuff the candy in the jars.
I put a Peep in the front and a Peep in the back of the jar.
I filled in all the remaining room with candy corn.
Step 3
Tie on some fun Halloween ribbon.
(I found my ribbon at HobbyLobby.)
Step 4
Add on a Halloween tag.
I made my tags in picmonkey.
My little nephews loved their treat!
We're making a few extras for the kids' teachers.
Happy Halloween!

Check out my kids' blog for some Halloween pictures around our home.

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A blog post from me...can you believe it?
Life has really been full around here! 
No time to blog, or comment on blogs or even much creating. 

However, today was a bit different.
I received a call last night that a dear friend was recovering in the hospital after a terrrible fall and femur break...
she needed some visiting and some love.
You know what that calls for?  Chocolate!

I whipped up some brownies and looked around for something cute to put them in.
This is what I came up with.  Take a look.
A decorated take-out box!

No fall colors, sorry. 
(My friend's favorite colors are blues and pinks.)

So simple and easy to personalize.
You can purchase take out boxes at any craft store.

Cut cardstock to fit the outside front and back of the box.
Adhere with double stick tape, or heavy duty adhesive.
Use letter stickers to spell Get Well Soon!
I punched holes and put in eyelets using my Crop-o-dile.
Then,  I threaded ribbon through the eyelets and tied knots.
Adhere to container with the double stick tape.
On the back side, I spelled, "Love you so."
I added a couple flowers on the the top.

On the side, I tied on a mini-tag.
"Praying for you!"
Quick, cute and simple!  I loaded the box up with brownies and now I'm off to the hospital.
Get well soon, Saundra!

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I'm back...
Starting a new Women's Bible Study at our church has been taking up all my time lately.
I almost forgot I had a blog!

5 amazing ladies are helping me lead the study at our church.
To thank them for their time, prayers and help,
I gave them a little gift on our first night.
I just LOVE the 'mint' pun!
I used Dollar Store packs of mints...

and made a quick tag in
I tied the tag to the mints with a cute ribbon.

We're studying Beth Moore's Breaking Free. 
It's a powerful, life-changing study!
I completed the study this summer and was led to start it at my church.

The study lasts 10 weeks...let's hope I don't wait 10 weeks to post again!

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