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About an hour north of Seattle is La Conner, WA.
In the springtime it's home to many daffodil fields...
and amazing,


tulip fields!
We just happened to visit on a very rare,
sunny afternoon in April.
Jessica loved the pink tulips!
Look closely and you can see the snow covered mountains in the distance!

Jacob loved the purple tulips!
He even found an artist drawing the purple fields using pastels. He immediately asked us for his own portable easel just like hers.
Careful, Jacob!  Don't hurt the tulips!
My husband drove out of his way to find the yellow ones!
I titled this shot, "Be true to yourself!"
My favorite color...the RED tulips, of course!
How can you not like red? (This is me in the orange tulips, I liked the orange ones, but the red ones were something else!)

Red tulips are so bright and cheery and...
and of course, you can't leave the fields without buying some tulips to take home!  Want more information on LaConner's Tulip fields?  Click here

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In the middle of all the bunnies and eggs and candies...
may you find
the real meaning of Easter...


He is risen, He is risen indeed! 
 Easter Blessings to you!
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Look what the kids and I came up with for place markers for Easter! 
Egg Heads!
We took the egg shells we had been growing grass in...

and gave some haircuts, others were styled.

Jessie's hair got pig tails!

We hot glued googly eyes and drew on a smile.

We made name markers with leftover foam eggs and toothpicks from this project, click here.
We placed each egg into a tiny juice glasses with a bit of paper grass.
Individual egg cups would have worked as well. 
Guess I need to invest in some for next year...
also thinking this would be even cuter with brown egg shells

Happy Easter!

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Check out this Sunday School Craft for Easter!

Using a reusable plastic container (I used one that sandwich meat comes in.), fill container with 3 cups of potting soil.

Ask the kids to use their hands to make a hill in their garden with the soil. Sprinkle soil with grass and flower seeds. Using a spray bottle, spray the seeds with water until they are wet.

Place an empty egg shell in the garden. This is the tomb.

Have students cut out a 'stone' out of gray cardstock paper. Using a computer (or have the students hand write) 'Easter Garden' and 'He is Risen'. Place signs on cardstock for extra support. Have students decorate their signs.

Hot glue or tape Popsicle stick and/or a toothpick to the back of the signs.

To make the cross, take 2 Popsicle sticks and break one in half. Using scissors, curve the edge of the broken stick to match the existing side. Hot glue short stick on top of the long stick. Students can color cross purple or leave plain. I added a purple ribbon to my cross.

To make a paper banner around the container, cut a piece of purple cardstock paper about 2" wide and long enough to fit around. Have the children color the strip and then tape onto the container using double stick tape or masking tape.

Stick the cross into 'hill' (the 'hill' actually looks more like a mound in the garden). Place the stone next to the tomb. Add in the 'Easter Garden' and the 'He is Risen' signs. The garden is complete!

Have the students retell the Easter story using their garden.

Be sure they remember to water their garden everyday, remembering the real meaning of Easter...Jesus Lives!

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