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Sunday, October 30, 2016

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and of course I couldn't let the month slide by without loving our pastors.

This REDiculously idea came from here.  I thought it would be a fun and easy idea to honor the pastors at our church.
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If I had been on my game ahead of time, I would have purchased these notecards and these envelopes ahead of time.
But, I was a little last minute in my planning, and ended up going to Michaels and buying out every red 'enveloped notecard' I could find!  I handed out the notecards and asked everyone to write an appreciation note to our pastors.  Some decided to put gift cards in their notes.  I collected the notes.

I purchased a few red treats to put with the red notecards.

All treats and notecards went into red gift bags.

I made a simple tag and tied it on with red curling ribbon, of course!

And added a bit of red tissue paper.

Then came the fun part...leaving them on the pastor's desks.

Of course they loved them!  We also made bags for our church administrator and administrative assistant.

If you'd like to make your own RED-iculously Awesome gift bags, click HERE.

REDiculously Awesome Pastor
REDiculously Awesome Teacher
REDiculously Awesome Friend
REDiculously Awesome Neighbor

Here's some more Pastor Appreciation gifts.

De'LIGHT'ful Gifts


Pastor Appreciation Table Decor
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween is almost here!  Are your ready?
I've crafted up these Halloween Donut Pops to hand out and give away to your special people. 

It's a Trick AND a Treat.
This trick (fangs and spider rings) and treat (mini chocolate donuts) are threaded on a Halloween paper straw and packaged up to hand out. 

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

-Plastic fangs. Use any color.
-Colored plastic spider rings
-Halloween paper straws

1 bag of Hostess Donettes (I used chocolate.)
Fold and close sandwich bags or cellophane bags.

Trick and Treat tags.    
Click here to print your own tags.

Now, you could thread the donuts on the straw right through the donut hole, but I chose to do it a little more showy.

Using a wood skewer, poke holes through 1 donut starting at the bottom, going through the center and up through the top.  Slide skewer out and insert paper straw.  (The skewer holes help get the straw through the donut.)
Add a plastic fang on the straw and insert another donut.  Place a spider ring on top.

Lay on tray without packaging, or assemble to hand out.

Use a sandwich bag or a cellophane bag to cover the entire donut pop.  

Tie sandwich bag tight to the bottom of the donut with orange curling ribbon.

Tie on a Trick and Treat tag.

Hand deliver.  

Here's some more Halloween printables for you.

Bugs & Kisses

Eyeball Treats

'Boo'tiful Halloween to You!

Have a Fantastic Halloween!

Dino-mite Halloween Treat


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Need a 'fang'tastic Halloween treat to hand out to those special kids (or adults) in your life?  Of course you do!

I'm not sure what it is about plastic fangs, but every kid loves them...including my teenagers.  These however, are going to my nephews.

Here's the supplies to make your own.
(This post contain affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Print out the 'Fang'tastic Cards on card stock.  

Do you have a Big Punch Crop-O-Dile?  This tool is one of my favorites!  It has such a big reach, that it can punch holes in the middle of a page. You'll need a tool like this to punch the holes in the middle of the cards.  

Another option is this easy to use eyelet Silent Setter. 

First, print your cards and trim them.
Next, lay out a plastic fang on the card and mark where to punch your holes.  I designed these cards to have the fangs lay diagonally so you can read the word, 'Halloween'.
You want the holes to lay right next to the bend in the fangs.

Punch two holes close together.  Place fang in between the holes.

Thread pipe cleaner up from the back of the card through the hole, around the fang and back down the 2nd hole. Tighten to secure. 

Now, mark where the next set of holes should go.  Hole punch and continue threading the pipe cleaner around the other side of the fangs.  Tighten to secure.

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together on the back of the card.
Slide the Hershey's snack size candy through the fang.  You may need to add a piece of tape underneath the candy, to hold it in place.

The fangs actually fold up a little once the candy is inserted, which looks kind of cool.
Now, here's a tip if you're making more than one of these cards.

After making one, undo the pipe cleaner and use the card as a template to place the holes in the other cards.  Simply place another card under the hole punched one, and mark the holes.  Now, you'll know exactly where to punch without marking around the fangs each time.

Hope that makes sense.

I sure the kids will love these!
Happy 'Fang'tastic Halloween to you!

Here's some more Halloween printables for you

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'Boo'tiful Halloween to You!

Dino-mite Halloween Treat

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