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So thankful
So grateful
for you!
Here's a quick and easy thank you card to print out, attach a little 'something' and hand deliver for Thanksgiving.

I absolutely adore Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels.  So of course, that is what I chose to tie onto these quick cards.
Have you ever spent some time smelling all the amazing scents that store has?  So good!  These little gels are often on sale, too.

Print out the cards in color on heavy cardstock. 
(Click on link at bottom of post.)

Punch two holes to thread the ribbon through.
Tie on your treat of choice.
Write a thank you note on the back and hand deliver.

So thankful
So grateful
for YOU! 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Click here to print out tags to attach to gift.
**I made these cards with the grateful saying, centered.
Print out and tie onto a gift of any size.

Click here to print out tags with room for small tie on.
**These cards have room to tie a small 'something' directly on the tag.

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Dollar Store Thanksgiving D├ęcor

Votive candles with a little seasonal flair add warmth and light to your Thanksgiving table.  Who would believe they came from the Dollar Store?

$5. spent at the Dollar Store=

(3) orange glass votive jars with wire handles.
(1) Maple with Berries Garland- 4 feet long.
(1) 4-pack of pumpkin pie scented votive candles.
$5.  (I already had the hot glue.)

You can assemble all three in less than 5 minutes...that's less time than it takes to warm up the hot glue gun!
1.  Plug in the hot glue gun.
2.  Cut the garland into 3 equal pieces. 
3.  Using the hot glue gun, glue one piece of the garland directly on the outside rim of a glass votive jar.

Wrap the garland all the way around the rim, gluing as you go. 
Hot glue the leaves and berries into place.  I placed them around the plastic stems of the garland and hot glued them into place.

When finished most of the trim should be covered by leaves and berries.

Place a votive or tea light candle into each one.

You can decorate with one at each place setting or...
Place them down the middle of the table with coordinating ribbon.

Here's another easy table decorating idea.
Place Setting Pumpkins-- using a Dollar Store blanket, beans, cinnamon sticks and ribbon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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So Many Reasons 'Raisins' We're Thankful for You!

Truth be told.  I only like raisins if they're covered in chocolate!
And then... I eat them and eat them and eat them. 
I'm very thankful to get these little chocolate morsels out of my house!  Does anyone else have a problem with chocolate covered raisins?  Well, actually...chocolate covered anything!

Here's a quick little tag to hand out to those you're thankful for.
There is always someone who could use a bit of appreciation.  A little 'thank you' goes a long way!

--Purchase chocolate covered raisins.  I found this package of individual packs around Halloween time.  If you can't find something like this, you could always buy chocolate covered raisins in bulk and re-package them in cute cellophane bags. 
In fact, I think I'm going to do that for the kids' bus driver this year.

--Print out the tags on cardstock.
One tag says I'm thankful, the other tag says we're thankful.
Choose the one that works for you.

Click here to print So Many 'Raisins' I'm Thankful for You

Click here to print So Many 'Raisins' We're Thankful for You

--Find a roll of coordinating Washi Tape.  I used a cute gingham brown pattern.

--Tape the raisins package to the back of the tag.  Easy.

Sign card, write a note on the back--- with at least a few reasons 'raisins' why you're thankful--- and hand deliver.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a few more little thank you treats!

You bring me so much JOY!

Thank you Mentor!

Nutty thanks to you!

Certainly Thankful for you!

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Got turkeys?

These turkey tags will add a bit of fun and whimsy to your Thanksgiving table.  They're perfect for place cards and you can even hide a little treat on the back.

A bit of ribbon, netting, googly eyes and chocolate is all it takes.
Purchase the large kraft tags and tulle (or netting) from your local craft store. 

Cut about 18 inches of brown tulle.  Thread through the tag's hole.  Loop around and thread back through, repeating at least 3 times.  Using the point of a pen to poke the netting through, really helps.

Tie the loose ends in a knot on the back of the tag.

Next, add ribbon to the tag. 

I used wide ribbon in coordinating colors. 
Use a glue stick to adhere the ribbon to the front of the tag. 

Wrap around and secure with hot glue on the back. 
(Using hot glue on the front will be too bumpy, so stick with a glue stick for the front, hot glue for the back.)

Add googly eyes with hot glue.  Cut out triangle 'beaks' from another shade of orange ribbon and cut a small piece of red ric rac for the snood.  Hot glue all the pieces to the top piece of ribbon.

I tied a piece of fiber around each tag...
perfect for slipping in a mini Hershey's bar on the back.

Use gold letter stickers to spell out each guest's name.

Set around your Thanksgiving table. 
Gobble. Gobble!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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You Bring Me Joy!

Sometimes the simplest 'thank you' can mean so much.

Need a quick little note to hand out and thank a few people?

This is an easy 'thank you' that can be assembled in no time...

even for a lot of people.

(In the above picture, I personalized the cards to give to the preschool teachers at our church.)

Simply print out the cards...

Click here to print You Bring Me So Much Joy (without scripture).
Click here to print your own You Bring Me Joy (with scripture).
Staple (or tape) the mini Almond Joy candy bars directly onto the cards. 
Hand deliver!

A 'thank you' with chocolate means even more, right?

Have a joyful, chocolaty day...
with maybe a few almonds thrown in!

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