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When my friend lost her husband recently, I cried with her over the phone. She told me she couldn't stop her tears. She described her crying as incontrollable, painful, non-stop sobs. My heart ached for her. I imagined her crying out her hurt and pulling tissue after tissue to blot up her tears...and that's when I got this idea. 

Make Your Own Tissue Boxes

This is such a simple, yet meaningful sympathy gift to give to anyone going through pain or loss. It will definitely get used and it shows you're thinking of them.
Here's how I made these. 

Sympathy tissue boxes

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate supplies.)
1-2 Tissue boxes
Me & My BIG Ideas Sticker Sheet books (these are filled with encouraging stickers!)
Glue Sticks or double sided tape
Colored card stock
Paper cutter

Tissue Boxes supplies

Measure the sides of the tissue box and cut colored paper to fit.
Choose stickers to decorate the colored paper. I matted many of my stickers with coordinating papers.

Make your own tissue boxes for a friend who loss someone

Use lots of glue to make the paper stick to the tissue box. Double-sided tape works well, too.
Press down firmly and hold to make it stick.
Decorate all 4 sides. 

Sympathy tissue boxes to make
Make your own tissue boxes
Sympathy Tissue Boxes to make

I crafted up this tag:

Sympathy tags to print at

I tied up the tissue boxes with netting and added the tag on top.

Encouraging Tissue Boxes
Encouraging Tissue Boxes

Click here to print your own tags.

Encouraging Tissue Boxes

My friend teared up when I handed her these hand-crafted tissue boxes. She said she needs all the encouragement she can get!

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