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There are some years on Mother's Day where I personally consider myself to be the luckiest girl alive.  Those are the times where all the family joins us for our Mother's Day celebration.  Last year was one of those years.  We had 'almost' our entire family (mine and my husband's) over to celebrate.  (Not everyone can say they get to spend Mother's Day with both their mom and their mother-in-law and their sisters-in-law and their families..and adore them all!)  And the big bonus is when the sun comes out!  How could you ask for anything better?

Photo booth at a gold themed party.

Let's celebrate mom with some's her favorite, right? 

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Gold themed party ideas.

The gold theme started with this Debi Lilly paper table runner found on clearance at Safeway's floral department.  It's no longer available, but this one is a fun alternative and I like it even better. Nothing is simpler than running table runners down the center of your enormous much better than ironing table cloths!

Mother's Day gold themed table setting

To make such an enormous table, (seating for 18 people) I put my 2 tables (with leaves in them), end to end. Having 2 tables allows me tons of flexibility when hosting lots of people.  When I'm not hosting a party, the tables are shortened and pushed together to make a large rectangle that seats 8-12.

Simple and easy gold themed party using gold paper accents.

Lined up on the table are these David Tutera Gold Die Cut Paper Accents.  They're super showy and are perfect to have with kids around, since they're just paper.

Gold themed party ideas.

Gold chargers, gold straws, gold ribbon and even gold confetti added to the table.

Gold themed party set for a kid.  Crayons and coloring placemat.

Name cards were made from gold notecards cut down to size. These mini gold boxes were perfect for holding crayons and these placemats were at each kid's place setting.  I also had gold bead necklaces for the kids to get into the theme.  

Mother's Day Brunch

If possible, I always try to include the kids around the table with the adults...sometimes that requires a few distractions (toys, coloring) to keep them there.  I want them to feel included and I always love to have them in our conversations.

Gold themed brunch ideas.

Our Mother's Day Brunch included:
Sausage and Egg Casserole
Cinnamon Rolls
Hash Browns
Fresh Fruit

Mother's Day dessert prep.

Dessert was assembled on gold paper plates.
Baklava and fresh strawberries.
Heart shaped sugar cookies, too!

Simple Mother's Day dessert plates.

 After our dessert we played this Mother's Day LEFT RIGHT Game.  It's perfect for a lot of people at a table and it works for all ages.
We also had Mother's Day gifts and of course a photo booth!
I used a gold tablecloth for the backdrop, along with these gold paper fans.  The conversation bubble chalkboards are always a big hit!

Gold themed Mother's Day Photobooth

I'm kind of feeling sorry for myself this year, when only my parents will be joining us for Mother's Day...but then it was suggested we go out for brunch.  Really?  No party prep? No making food?  No dishes? Hmm?  Maybe this Mother's Day will be pretty wonderful after all?

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Happy Mother's Day!

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It's time for another college finals care package.  You know I love to do these!  This semester's theme is a fun one, check it out.

College Care Package printables

Those college students just never know what to expect from me, but they do know it will be a theme.  Some themes are better than others.  This one was pushing it, a bit.

Snap to it-  you can do this!  College care package ideas.

I crafted up some fun 'SNAP' printables to go with all the 'SNAP' food items I could find.  It was a little bit harder than I initially thought, but I always like a challenge.

Care package with SNAP food items.

SNAP Items included:
Ginger SNAPs
Pretzel SNAPs
Brown Rice SNAPs
Sesame SNAPs
SNAPea Crisps
And of course I had to add a box of Rice Krispies...because you know...SNAP, Crackle, Pop!

All the SNAP printables were trimmed up and taped to the items.
SNAP food items for a college care package.

 This theme actually turned out to be a bit healthier than past themes...not sure if that's a good thing or not?
To use my SNAP printables and make your own care package,
click here.

College care package for finals with SNAP related foods.  Find printables


Here's some more college care package ideas for you:

Stick With It!           
Stick with it!  College finals care package ideas   

Orange Survival Study Sack                       
Orange foods and treats for gift package. 

Brighten Up Your Semester!
Yellow themed gift ideas

SMART Gift Bag                                     
Creative college care package ideas   

Caramel Apple Dippin' Kit
Package up apples, caramel and toppings to give as gifts.

SNAP To It!                                                            

Punny College Care Package

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Alleluia Easter tags

Happy Easter!  Christ the Lord is risen today...Alleluia!
Alleluia Easter tags to print.

I've crafted up a simple Easter tag for you to attach to any Easter gift you're giving.  I needed an Easter hostess gift for my mother-in-law...who loves flowers!

Printable Easter tags

Print these tags on white cardstock in color.  Trim and attach.
 Click here to print your own.

Easter printable tags.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter!
He is risen.  He is risen indeed!

For more printable Easter tags and Easter ideas on my blog:

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Easter Printables for Gifts, Treats and Favors
Easter printable tags and

Happy Easter!


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Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

Easter will be here before you know it!
Need some help getting your Easter goodies ready?
Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

I've crafted up an Egg-cellent Easter tag for you to print out and tie onto an Easter treat or toy.
Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

These tags also work well tied onto bags filled with egg candies.
I filled these cellophane bags with chocolate eggs and a plastic Starburst egg filled with jellybeans.

Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags 

Just print out the egg tags that work best for you.  Choose between those that say He has risen, and those that don't.  Print on white cardstock and use colored ink for best results. You can cut around the egg shape, or just trim them up square.  Either way works.

Click here to print out the He has risen egg tags.
Only print page 1.

Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

Click here to print out the tags without He has risen on them.

Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter printable tags

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Easter Printables for Gifts, Treats and Favors
Easter printable tags and

Happy Easter!  He has risen.  He has risen indeed!

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  There's just something about a change in seasons, flowers blooming, the fresh smell in the air, new beginnings...and of course, celebrating Christ's life, death and resurrection.
Easter Printables for Gifts, Treats and Favors

Show some Easter love this season with these fun and easy ideas. They're perfect for table treats, hostess gifts or even just to share some Easter love with those you love.

No Bunny Loves You Like Jesus!

No Bunny Loves You Like Jesus Printable

Mini Easter Pails-  He has Risen!
He has Risen Printable

Easter favors for teachers, friends, neighbors

He Arose Printable for Easter

Celebrate Jesus- Easter Favors
Celebrate Jesus printable

Easter Printables

Egg-stra special Egg Treat for Easter

Easter Springy Printables

Here's some more Easter ideas for you:

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