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Candy Pun Package for College Kids

Got candy? Got college kids that need encouragement?
Need some creative, corny puns? I'm your gal.

Yes, it's time to send the college kids a little sugar and encouragement that will make them smile. I usually do this around Halloween, since that is when I have an assortment of candy in my house. I try hard not to keep this stuff in my house...why is it so hard not to eat all the chocolate?

This year, I bought a couple of big assortment bags of candy and used the candy names to craft up a letter.
Using free clip art pictures of each piece of candy and inserting them in the Pic Monkey editing program, I created this.

Candy puns for the college student.

If you'd like to print out my candy letter, Click here.

Candy puns

Yes, I'm aware it's corny, but puns are supposed to be.
Yes, the kids think I'm a little crazy, but that doesn't bother me.
Yes, I'm a pun lover--they all know and expect this from me.

Candy Pun Letter for College Students @michellepaigeblogs.comCandy Pun Letter for College Students

I loaded up an 8.5' x 6" mailer with a copy of the letter, the coordinating candies and a few other Halloween goodies. I love to let these kids know I thinking of them and cheering them on. These are heading to the post office today.

Candy Pun Package for College Kids

Here's another candy letter with a Halloween theme. Click here. 

Candy pun letter

Here's a letter using food items from the grocery store. Click here.

Food puns

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