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I did it!  I FINALLY recovered my dining room chairs! 
It only took me about 11 years.


We work really slow around here...

We have had the white fabric for over 13 years. 
I don't think I can call it white with all the stains...maybe more of a speckled tan?
I never really liked the white chair fabric, but never got around to changing it up.  The dining room set is now a bit outdated and not really our style anymore, but we are not replacing it anytime I knew it needed a little update.

These chairs have been through party...
after party,
 after meal.

This table has hosted many distinguished guests of honor,

and of course many holidays and celebrations!

Walking through JoAnns Fabric Store, I just happened to see this gorgeous black/white/gray modern, leaf print-- and fell in love.
My JoAnns gift card had been burning a hole in my wallet since I had my 50% off coupon!

The fabric isn't really reversible, but I liked the pattern on both sides.  Bonus for me! 
AH (Awesome Husband) unscrewed all the chair cushions for me and even helped me staple on the new fabric.
Seriously simple!
Why didn't I do this sooner?

What a difference!
 I think it's time to host another party!


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Valentine's Day is tomorrow!  Are you ready?

  Here's a quick and easy valentine for your loved one.

My kids tell me these DUO candies are the best?! 
Have you ever tasted them?

Print out these valentines and tape on the candy.
Click here to print your own.

This valentine is going to a friend who co-leads a Ladies' Bible Study with me.
We make a great duo!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Chocolate candy bars make great valentine treats...
especially with these cute wrappers and tags.
A trip to the Dollar Store resulted in these $1. Million Dollar candy bars.  A trip to Party City resulted in these $1. Billion Dollar candy bars.
Of course I had to taste test them for my readers.
I do happen to be a (self-proclaimed) chocolate connoisseur...
taste-testing $1. chocolate bars for a blog post??

Well, the chocolate is what you expect for $1.  The Party City Billion Dollar Chocolate bars are definitely better than the Dollar Tree Million Dollar bars.  (I'm sure you guessed that.)  No surprise that they also have more calories and more fat.(Yes, I'm sure I'll be paying for that, later.)


Click here to print out your own billion valentine tags.


Cut out, hole punch and attach to the candy bar with some ribbon.
Click here to print out the red million valentines.
You may want to give someone a million dollar gift for another occasion...birthday, anniversary, etc.
The Dollar Tree Million Dollar candy bars are generic.
(There is no valentine greeting on them.)

Click here to print out the green You're One in a Million tags.
These are going to my children's teachers.
They have about 8 teachers each!  (That's middle school for you!)

Last year we baked up this teacher here.
This year, we're taking a much more simple approach. 

You gotta' love simple and sweet!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Super simple 'wheel' Valentines for a young boy.
No pink, no hearts, no mushy valentine greeting.
That's the way the boys like it...according to my son!

These 2 toys never get old in a house where a boy lives.
Hot Wheels and LEGO.
Click here to see our LEGO Valentines.


Click here to print these Wheel Valentines.

Trim wheel cards and attach to a Hot Wheels car.
These could be used with chocolate cars or candy wheels, too.

This particular valentine was sent in the mail
to a special 3 year old.
I hope he 'wheely' likes it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

For more Boy Valentines, click here.

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Whip out the sewing machine and some cute party sacks
for a 'sew' sweet valentine.

I had some red and white striped sacks leftover from here.

Cut out a heart shape from cardstock to use as your pattern.
Trace around heart and cut out with scissors.

Place 2 paper hearts, printed side out in your sewing machine.
Stitch around the heart, using your machine's biggest stitch.
Stop 3/4 of the way around to fill the heart.

Gather candy, treats and even little notes.

I printed off, "You are 'sew' sweet!" to put inside the heart.
Valentine washi tape was used to decorate the outside of the heart.

 Fill the inside of the heart.
Don't put too much inside or you won't be able to sew it together.

Sew up the opening.

Trim off any threads.

Won't your loved ones be dying to rip it open?

Here's some affiliate links to help you locate products.

Happy Valentines Day!

Click here for my A to Z Valentine Vault of ideas and printables.

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Sorry, I couldn't help myself!
After such a great Super Bowl win last night, of course I had to make some Seahawks Printable Valentines!
 This city is going CRaZy...
and I have a feeling that this 'craziness' will last way past Valentine's Day!
Print out your own Seahawks Valentines by clicking here.
Marshawn Lynch has made Skittles a bit tough to find in the State of Washington,

Your best chance to find them is in a Starburst/Skittles Valentine pack.
Tape the Skittles to the valentine cards
and they're ready to go.
Way to go Seahawks!  Thanks for the excitement!

Now, if I could just convince my kids that a Super Bowl win does not mean No School!


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