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Ah, September...
There are never a lot of blog posts from me in Septmeber, due to everything starting at the same time!
School, Bible Studies, kids' lessons, youth group, volunteering duties, etc. etc.

I'm working with the Youth Group Leaders at my church again this year. 
It's a fun job that I enjoy. 
I do the encouraging and...
 they do all the hard work of leading our church's Jr. High and Sr. High School kids.
{This year my daughter is one of those said Jr. High kids!--yikes!}
It's our first week back to our 'Wednesday Night Live' program at church,
so of course the leaders needed some encouragement.

And my favorite way to encourage others is with a note and gift.
{Don't you like being encouraged with a note and gift?  Of course you do!}
This is so simple and easy. 
'Extra' gum, ribbon and a tag is all you need.

I made a simple tag in PicMonkey and printed them out on cardstock.
You could easily change the tag and make one for teachers, friends,
or anyone that needs some love and encouragement.
Hole punch the tag and tie it onto the pack of gum.
Quick, simple and fun.

Hope you have an 'Extra' great day!
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I recently shared these Quick Mini Pies over on Kate's blog, A Creative Cookie.
I'm sharing the post today, in case you missed it.
Not only are they quick, they're super easy and they smell so good coming out of the oven!

-Pre-made, refrigerated, pie crust
Pie crust is found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. 
(Usually by the cookie dough.)
{You COULD make your own pie crust, but I don't have that kind of time or patience!
Plus, my pie crust never turns out that great.}

-You'll also need a can of cherry pie filling (or applesauce)
-a tiny bit of melted butter and a
-sprinkle or two of sugar (and/or cinnamon) 

That's it!

Unroll the pie crust and cut out the stars using the cookie cutters.

Place the stars on a greased cookie sheet.

Spoon on a teaspoon or two of the cherry pie filling,

Place another pie crust star on top.

Using a fork, press down the seams along the edges of the star.
Repeat these steps with the rest of the dough.

Bake for about 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees.
I brushed mine with butter and sprinkled on a bit of sugar.

 I originally planned to serve these mini star pies at my mother-in-law's
Beachy Starfish Party, but completely ran out of time.  (That always happens!)
I ended up making them for my in-laws a few days after the party,
 and they LOVED them!

Originally seen on Pinterest, these star pies were inspired from this site.

I also made a batch with an apple cookie cutter
and filled the pies with applesauce.
I sprinkled the 'apple' pies with cinnamon and sugar.

AH (Awesome Husband) thinks they taste better than McDonald's pies.
My kids devoured them!

 Now, I'm wondering how to make some pumpkin ones for the fall.
(Wouldn't that be fun?)

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Not sure what happened yesterday...
It was the first day of school for the kids and for some reason,
I was the one who couldn't sleep! 
I guess I was nervous for my kids starting a new school? 
I've got a 5th grader and a 6th grader this year! Yikes! Where has the time gone?

After 15+ years of me teaching and sending my kids to a public school,
we have made the change.
 They are now attending a Christian school
and I'm a stay-at-home/volunteer/chauffeur mom.

It is always hard changing schools, making new friends, figuring out new systems.
The crazy thing is...
it's tough on the parents, too!

Not only am I nervous for my kids, I'm nervous for myself.
Will I get lost?  Will I like the parents I meet?  Will I park in the wrong place?
Will I have someone to talk to as I wait for my child?  Will I find my child?
Did I fill out all the forms?  Pay the right amount?  Schedule the kids correctly?
Will the office people like me?  Will the kids' teachers like me?
No wonder September is so stressful!

A Christian school is a definite change from the public schools.

-Every parent information meeting is started with a prayer. 
(No, it's not just me praying under my breath.)
-Every volunteer coordinator that speaks about needing help,
asks for not only support, but prayers.
-The fundraiser happening at the end of the month will not only help our school,
but another school in need.  The money earned will be tithed.
-The focus is on growing our kids spiritually first, then academically.
-The principal has given the parents assigned reading
as well as the challenge to teach our kids certain truths at home.

The first day of school ended with an all school (parent's invited) convocation around the flag pole.
Praise songs, prayers and student speakers welcomed everyone to a new school year.
The children were encouraged to meet new friends and
challenged to talk about their faith with others.
The students stood and received a blessing from the principal, before heading home.

Applying the Christian faith to my child's education.
I think I can relax a bit, things are going to be OK.

And guess what my child's homework was on the first day of school?
Memorizing scripture!  This is the school's scripture theme for the year.

2 Cor. 3:12
Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.

Bold enough to share our faith with others.
Bold enough to meet new friends.
Bold enough to ask for help.
(Not exactly a word I would call myself.)
 I think I'll be learning quite a bit this year, too!

Hope your family had a great start to the school year!

Also yesterday, my Quick and Easy Mini Pies were over at a Creative Cookie.

Pop on over to Creative Cookie to check them out! 

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Today, I'm back from a fun, small town flea market. 
Come along and join me!
There's a cute little shop in Stanwood, WA called
The market is right in their front yard.  It just calls my name as I drive by.
Of course I have to stop!
Today I had my kids with me, so it was a very quick look.
Such fun things!
Do you recognize what these boards are?  They're cabinet doors!
The vendor purchased hundreds of cabinet doors at an auction. 
She takes the doors and comes up with all kinds of fun things to do with them.
Calendars, chalkboards, key boards, lost socks board, magnet boards, peg boards, etc.
I came home with a few treasures, including...
this extra big Washington State road map.
I've been looking for one and I have the perfect spot to hang it!
(I might paint the frame, first...)
Want some more shopping fun?

Check out these past shopping adventures.





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