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Whip up some quick Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies for Halloween!
You choose the cat or the owl or both!

Start now and you can be done within the hour, plus did I mention how easy they are? 
They're so simple, your kids can help you, and you probably have everything you need to make them right now!  No trick! 

You'll need:  1 cup peanut butter (smooth or crunchy- you choose.)
2 eggs
1/3 cup water
1 chocolate cake mix (any chocolate flavor)

In addition you'll need 1/4 cup granulated sugar-- you see why, soon.

And get out any Halloween candy you have to make the faces.

This is what I used, but you could use any little candies you already have.
(Of course you have candy's Halloween!)

Beat together 1 cup peanut butter, 2 eggs and 1/3 cup water.

Slowly add the dry cake mix.

Mix well.

Using your hands, form dough into 1" balls.
Place on cookie sheet.

Put 1/4 cup of granulated sugar on a plate.
Using the bottom of a drinking glass, dip glass in sugar,
then press glass on ball.  Repeat with each ball.

Now you have perfect round cookies!

Here's the fun part!  Using your fingers, pinch out ears near the top of each circle cookie.

If your kids are helping, you may get some interesting shapes as well!
My son formed a flying bat when he was supposed to be 'pinching ears'!

To make owl cookies, stick in two white chocolate chips for the eyes
and one piece of candy corn for the beak. 
Or, use whatever little candies you have!


For the cat, I used two white chocolate chips for the eyes,
one red hot candy for the nose...

and I found these Candy Sticks at the Dollar Store for the whiskers.

When I opened them, they reminded me of those candy cigarettes they used to make when I was a kid.
(Can you believe I'm that old to remember those things?  I am not telling my kids they used to make candy cigarettes!  Ugh!) 
Anyway, I broke each stick in half and stuck two sticks on each side of the nose.
If you don't have candy for the whiskers, use a fork and press into the dough on both sides.
It will make nice whisker marks.

Bake cookies at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.
(See, I told you they were quick!)

Aren't they adorable?

How can you resist these soft, chewy chocolate cookies? 

You can even package them up in a cellophane bag with a cute handwritten tag and give to someone you love.
Whoooo Loves You?  We do!

Happy Halloween!

Here's the recipe in it's entirety:
Super Fast Halloween Cat or Owl Cookies
1 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup water
2 eggs
1 package chocolate cake mix
1/4 cup granulated sugar (for flattening cookies)
Candies for the faces: white chocolate chips, candy corn, red hots, candy sticks, etc.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat together peanut butter, eggs and water. Add in cake mix slowly and mix well. Form dough into 1" balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Using a glass dipped in sugar, press glass onto ball to flatten. Repeat for each ball. Pinch out the ears near the top of each cookie. Add candies for the face. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Enjoy!

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The 40th Day Countdown Birthday Gift!
It's my birthday today! I'm the BIG 4-0!  Yikes!
AH (awesome husband) went above and beyond for my birthday this year!
Who knew AH was so creative? talented? and sneaky?!?

It started 40 days ago...

I woke up to a note lying on the floor next to my bed with candy. 
I LOVE chocolate, so naturally the note totally caught my eye.
It was a birthday love note from my mom and dad! 
I looked over at AH and said, "What's going on?"  He just shrugged his shoulders.

The next day I woke up to another note and more chocolate.  This note was from a friend of mine. 
The same thing happened the next day and the next day and the day after that...
This was really fun!
You see, my sneaky husband had hijacked my e-mail account and e-mailed 40 of my friends and family asking them to write me a birthday letter for my 40th! 
I still can't believe that he found 40 friends willing to write me a note
AND that he managed to keep this from me! 
He arranged all this months in advance, numbering each note and adding his own little 'birthday love' comment on the top of each letter.  How sweet is that?!

Everyday I received a birthday letter from a friend or family member!
  Do you have any idea how uplifting it is to wake up to a letter from a friend...and chocolate?!
Each note made me feel so loved...I teared up over every one.
I'm so blessed to have such dear friends.
I would go to sleep at night in anticipation of my note the next day. 

One morning I didn't get a note. 
I called up my husband at work and said, "Where's my note and chocolate!"
He had accidently forgot.
Luckily, he was able to give our daughter directions to his secret stash
of letters so she could hand me my note for the day.  Whew!

Some friends wrote their note in a card and sent it to my husband's work address.

Other friends sent crafty, creative notes like this one from my sister-in-law all decorated up.

A few friends used acrostics to spell out my name or the word FORTY.
One friend blew me away with 40 things she loves about me?!  40 things?
How did she come up with 40 things?!

And of course I loved the notes my kids wrote me!

One note was from my college roommate who lives in Hawaii.
My husband wrote on the top of that note that I can thank her in person.
What do you mean, "Thank her in person?" 
(It took me a minute to process---Oh!)
I started screaming with excitement!  You're taking me to Hawaii?!

What AH doesn't realize is that he had already given me the best gift ever...
40 birthday letters from family and friends! 
He didn't have to throw in a Hawaiian trip too......
maybe I take that back!

I do LOVE Hawaii!
I think I want to turn 40 every year!!
Thank you to all the friends and family who wrote me such sweet notes and cards.
Thanks to my folks for watching the kids so we could go to Hawaii.
Thanks to my AH for a wonderful birthday.  I love you!

Aloha!  I'm heading to a luau tonight!

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Look what I'm making today over at A Pocket Full of Pink!

Quick and easy, but super cute Halloween cookies! 

You've got to go see just how easy these really are!

Karen has been hosting a month long Monster Craft Bash over at her blog. 
I'm excited to be a guest today!

PocketFullofPink won't want to miss my post for tomorrow! 
It's my birthday! 
I can't wait to share what my AH (awesome husband)
dreamed up for me!!
The best birthday gift ever--no joke!

Just in case you missed my crafty fall posts, here's a recap of a few:

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I painted my rug!

I finally took the time to paint it, and I'm so glad I did!

On our covered deck outside, we have had this woven rug for years.
It had become so filthy, it was embarrassing!

The rug was rubber matted, so I didn't need to put anything underneath it.
I simply taped off the edges and rolled on a light creamy paint color.
About 2 coats later, the rug looked so much better!

Using black paint, I painted the border of the rug.

I then measured out 5 equal stripes.
To help me keep track, I put X's on the stripes that would stay cream.

Using the same black paint from the border, I
painted 2 big stripes.

And here it is!  Can you believe it?  It looks brand new!

My 'Do Anything' Dad found this old window for me years ago.
I loved the glass shapes and the thick frame. 
I was storing it in the garage and it almost got thrown out!
Right then and there I decided I better do something with it...quickly!

I gave it a bit of sanding and a couple coats of black paint.

AH (Awesome Husband) hung my window right onto the side of the house.
It looks perfect.

So does the rug! 

If I knew it would have looked this good, I would have painted it sooner!

Original inspiration for this project came from The House of Smiths.

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