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Decorative $1. Pails

Lovin' that red, white and blue!

I recently found these 4th of July pails in the $1. section at Target.

They're designed to be used with candles, but my one thought was, let's add some ribbon!
(You know how I love ribbon!)

Using ribbon I already had in my stash, I threaded the ribbon through the pre-cut holes and tied off the ends on the inside.  (Put a piece of tape on the end of the ribbon (like a shoelace) for easy threading.)

Here I tied off the ends in a bow on the outside.

I also added a few ribbon pieces to each handle.

That's it!  Fill em' up!

Quick, cute and

 very patriotic!

After finishing these pails, I couldn't help myself and
had to try punching my own here to see.

Here's some more 4th of July ideas for you!


  1. i too bought a couple of these. what a neat idea with the ribbon!!!

  2. I love, love, love this and even as "craft challenged" as I am...I can do it...yes I can! Jenny Konen Hadley

  3. I LOVE the $1 section at Target! Especially just before school starts, I got so many great things for Lincoln there.

    You seem to have a ribbon stash like I have a yarn and fabric stash ;) Though for this I may just be persuaded to pick up a dollar container and recreate it for the annual 4th of July party by the lake ;)

  4. Thanks for the comments, friends. @Jenny- Yes, you can do it!
    @Buffy- Yes, I can never have enough ribbon! I like your July 4 idea!

  5. And I'll be copying this one too! Although, I'm thinking maybe red with green ribbon for Christmas - stars work for that too, right?!
    Sorry you've been sick!! Hope you're feeling better! We missed you Sunday!
    Call me if you need anything - we're around & preschool is over & tomorrow is our last youth group, so I'm somewhat freed up.

  6. Oh my gosh I see these cute little pails all the time and would have never thought of putting ribbon through the punched design. You are one smart cookie. Very cute!

  7. What a clever idea!! And so cute too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And hopefully you'll feel better soon!

  8. Love the ribbon embellishment! Adorable! Would love for you to share them at the Pretty Packages Party!

  9. Thanks for all the comments. It's always so fun to see others inspired!

  10. Featured this at my 20 minute tuesday wrap up:)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Grab a featured button if you'd like!

  11. I love this!! I'd love to share this with our readers! We have a Monday Link Up party each week that I'd love to see you link up to!!