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Un'BEAR'able Gift for the Neighbors

Bang! Wham! Drrrrrr! Whizzzzz! Bam!  That's what our neighbors have had to 'put up with' for a week!  Yep, we got a new roof! 

After many leaks, costly repairs, replaced wood shakes and cleanings we finally broke down and had the roof completely re-done with lifetime-guaranteed, composition shingles!

To thank our neighbors for surviving the noise, trucks, workers and the beautiful port-a-potty in front of our house, I put together a little thank you treat for them.

Gummy Bears!

Using very basic supplies, I printed out the thank you note in a Word document, rounded the corners and inked it up a bit.
Next, I glued it down onto brown cardstock, added a bear die cut, and trimmed it up.
Last, I punched a hole in the top and tied it onto the Gummy Bears' package with ribbon.

Here's a close up.  My 'awesome' husband helped with the wording...he is the 'master of pun humor'...unless his dad is around!

I left the little treats on our neighbors' doorsteps.
I must have put them out too early in the day? One neighbor reported that their Gummy Bears melted in the sun!  (Can you believe that Seattle is finally getting some spring weather?! It's beautiful here!)  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? I bet that gummy goo still tasted good!

Ahhhhh! A new roof over our heads...a peace of mind...we'll all sleep well tonight!


  1. What a sweet idea no pun intended)!

  2. Thanks for the sweetness, Dawn.

  3. so cute!!! fun blog, new follower :)

  4. That is so cute and so thoughtful. Thanks so much for sharing!!!