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Plastic Tablecloth Poms

I love Martha Stewart's beautiful tissue paper poms.  Click here for her link. The kids and I made some of our own last year for Mother's Day but they didn't last.  The pom's colors faded and many of them got crushed.  I wish the tissue paper held up better. 
This got me thinking...Hmmmm...What could I use to make sturdier, re-usable poms that would hold up better?  PLASTIC TABLECLOTHS!  YES!  They're cheap, come in bright colors, and I could even use them our Seattle rain!  Yay!  I had to give it a try!  (I get a little excited about discovering a new crafting material, bear with me.)

I purchased hot pink and lime green rectangle plastic tablecloths from Target for a $1. each.  I cut them into strips and secured the middles with light wire.  (You won't believe this, but I actually assembled most of these in my lap at a softball game!  Thankfully I'm not dugout mom this year, however, the games are painfully slow!)

I wanted my poms to look like starburst flowers, so I trimmed the edges off in a sharp point.

Just like you would do with tissue paper poms, start separating the petals one at a time.  Tablecloth plastic is very easy to pull in opposite directions!  They look so great and shiny!

I put my 'Do Anything' Dad to work making flower poms!  Isn't he wonderful?!  I love you Dad!

Then, the fun part!  Decorating!  Instead of tons of candy in my glass containers, I filled them up with poms (and a little candy)!

I used tiny clothespins to hang them on the colored fencing.

Look how cute a few pink flowers look in the glass dishes!  The black and white banner is from Hobby Lobby. (Remember when I visited Hobby Lobby in Spokane? Click here!)

What a festive Mother's Day Celebration we had!  Click here to see.  The best part of the plastic poms is that I can reuse them again and again!  I'm thinking...Hawaiian Luau?
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  1. Love the pom! Would be great for our Mother's Day tea at preschool! I used those colors last year - so fun!

  2. so cute. i love the pic of your dad helping ;)
    thanks for linking up to 20 minute Tuesday!

  3. Thanks for the comments, friends. Meghan if you want to borrow them next year, let me know!

  4. Such a smart idea! I love that they are shiny and you could use these outside and not worry about them getting wet if it happened to rain!

  5. LOVE this idea! I think I will make some for my mother's surprise 60th birthday party AND reuse them for baby girl's 1st birthday!

  6. Love this idea. What size did you cut the tablecloths??? I am one of these people who need details. I am so going to try and make these.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments. Amber, you can make them any size...I cut my strips about 6" long and a little over 1" wide. Hope that helps. Let me know how they turn out!

  8. I saw this idea of making pom poms out of tablecloths on Pinterest and thought it was great. I linked back to it in my post 14 Ways to Create Learning Experiences with Children Using Plastic Tablecloths. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. hi i was wondering how many strips did you do for each?

  10. We're going to make some poms to float in our pool for a wedding next summer. So excited to give it a try.

  11. We are doing a similar project. Instead of decorative poms we are making our cheer poms to accompany our tot cheerleaders outfits for big brothers football games this season!

  12. I made these and think it's a genius idea. Thanks for sharing.Lucky you to have such a good helper. Such a nice dad :+)