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Flower Pot Teacher Appreciation

A flower for his teacher.

Remember those Flower Pot Place Markers I made for our Mother's Day table using chalkboard paint and chalk pens? Click here for the post if you missed it.
Well, we turned them into cute little Teacher Appreciation gifts and thank you's!

After changing out the name, we stuck in a tiny appetizer fork (purchased at Goodwill of course!) and added a note that says, "Thank you for helping me BLOOM!"

Can you believe that this little guy, who loves his teacher soooo much, threw a fit about carrying the flower pot on the bus!  Tears, yes, tears...apparently you need to look cool on the bus in 3rd grade?!
(He did end up taking it on the bus in a hidden sack!  I wonder what it looked like by the time he made it to school?)

This morning at church, both kids performed in the Kids Choir Musical, The Rest of the Story. ( A kid's version of the story of Christ.)  Here's Jacob (on the right) singing his heart out! He played the part of John a disciple of Christ.

Here's Jessica (on the right). She was one of the narrator angels.  She had a ton of lines to memorize, but she did great!  Notice the 'lit up' lights on the angels!  So clever!
Anyways....We had a bunch of Kids Choir teachers and helpers to thank.  My flower pots came to the rescue again!  I didn't have any more little forks, so I used a bit of wire to make a holder (just like I did in
this post) and slipped in the thank you notes my kids wrote.

They worked great.

I always make my kids write their own thank you notes.  It means so much more!

This time I used real chalk to write their names on the pots.  I had trouble with the chalk pens completely erasing!  Regular chalk works perfectly and washes easily with water.

I didn't have small sized sacks, so we cut down our pink lunchsize paper sacks to fit the pots.  I thought it looked cute seeing the notes sticking out above the it saved me the task of having to label the bags.

I just had to share this picture from the musical.  The Kids Choir service dogs (Lyman and Javier) are a part of the musical every they were very tired angels!  If you look closely you can see their halos are shaped in a dog bone shape!  Very, very cute!



  1. Wonderful T.A. gift, love it. I really love the tired angel dogs too. LOL, TO FUNNY AND CUTE! winks- jen

  2. Making mine right now! And some notecards as thank yous to the Kids Choir leaders :)
    I didn't even notice the dogs yesterday!! They are so cute - wish my dog would do that!

  3. awesome idea! This is what my daughter's teacher are getting for end of the year gifts! I love your wonderful idea you share! :)