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10 Non-Candy Egg Fillers

Hey, Easter Bunny!  It's time to get thinking about what's going in eggs this year.
Want to lower the sugar levels this Easter?  (I always do.) 
Looking for some fun non-candy ideas? 

*I need you to know that over the years I try, (really) to keep the sugar low in the eggs.
I've forced the grandparents to cut out the sugar as well...but the kids always want chocolate!
So, even though we've come up with these fun egg fillers,
chocolate still finds it's way into a few eggs...just saying. 
(Didn't want you to think I was Supermom...)

10 Non-Candy Egg Fillers

1) TOYS 

Little games, bouncy balls or my son's favorite--NERF Gun darts all fit into plastic eggs.
After the excitement of the hunt is over, they have new little toys to play with.

...and what about a sweet little stuffed animal? 


Take a new puzzle and separate the pieces into many different eggs. 
The kids put the puzzle together after finding all the eggs.
You can even give a 'prize' out once the puzzle is finished.


Little lip glosses, polish, make-up, travel sized items, etc.
My daughter loves finding these eggs!


Send those kids on a scavenger hunt/Easter Egg Hunt.
Each egg they find, leads them to the next one...with an Easter basket at the end!


So, some consider gum to be candy...but I happen to like sugar-free gum.
It allows chewing without the sugar and calories.


  Fill eggs with stickers and after the hunt they can decorate their eggs.

or fill with craft supplies
foam stickers, ribbon, little glitter tubes, etc.


Purchase one mini LEGO set.  Separate the pieces into the plastic eggs.
Once all the eggs are found, hand your child the instructions...that will keep them happy for awhile!

Fill eggs with cereal. 
I don't mind my kids eating a handful of cereal compared to a handful of chocolate.
Plus, no melting chocolate mess!

Think of small snacks that your child loves: 
Goldfish crackers, trail mix, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.  Load those eggs up!

  And the favorite egg filler of all...
10) MONEY!

(Kind of sad...I know.)
I still remember the year I found money in my Easter eggs, my eyes shot out of my head!
Bonus:  Kids can practice their money counting skills after the hunt!

I'm sure you do this at your house too,
but I wanted to mention that we color-code our eggs before the hunt.
Pink and purple plastic eggs are for my daughter to find.  Blue and yellow eggs are for my son to find.  Sometimes we write names on the eggs and other times we use coded stickers so each child knows what eggs they are looking for. 
This egg 'coding' insures that my son doesn't get the eggs with make-up and girly toys
and  it allows each child to find an equal number of eggs.

Happy Filling!

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  1. Love your ideas of keeping the sugar down. I wouldn't mind finding some money in my Easter eggs!

  2. Great ideas. The kids have an annual Easter egg hunt with friends, and I was trying to think of some new ideas. I have to fill 36 eggs, 12 per kid, so will resort to candy for some but I like the lip gloss idea, sugar free gum is good (if only Jonathan understood not to swallow it), crafts/stickers are great too. Thanks, I'll have fun shopping.

  3. Love these ideas! We put some non-food stuff in some eggs we hid for a spring egg hunt on the first day of spring. :)

  4. This is brilliant! I could even use the snack idea for my toddler! (Yogurt covered raisins, craisins, goldfish etc!)

  5. These are some great ideas! I hadn't thought of Legos. I'm always looking for larger toys that I can split up into smaller pieces for an egg hunt. You could even assign each child a specific color so they find the pieces from a specific Lego kit. Then, part of the fun can be assembling a creation afterwards.