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Monday, April 20, 2015

Finals Survival Study Sack for the College Kids

Finals are almost here for the college kids. 
We stopped by my alma mater last week with a little treat for some students finishing up their freshman year.

 Finals Survival Study Sack
'Orange' you glad you're almost finished?!

I used orange gift bags leftover from this post.
Then purchased 'orange colored' goodies to help the students get through their studying...or at least one night of studying?!!

Orange drink, Cheetos, orange TicTacs, orange crackers and granola bars.  And of course the 'teacher' in me-- threw in some orange mechanical pencils and highlighters.  The index cards aren't orange, but figured they wouldn't mind.  I went through a TON of index cards in college!  Maybe college kids don't use index cards anymore?

All tied up with these cute tags.

Click here to print your own tags.

Hopefully this little treat will bring them some motivation to study those oh so important theological principles and calculus derivatives...yikes!  Study hard, kids!

'Orange' you glad you're not in college anymore?!   Whew!


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