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College Care Package Bear Pun Themed

It's time for a university check-in again. AH (Awesome Husband) is back on campus with his trustee meetings, and I'm tracking down the students we know from our church. This year, we have all girl students attending our Alma mater.
I was so tempted to go with an all pink package theme--haven't done that before, but instead decided to 'hunker-down' with a theme that's full of 'unbearable' puns.  Yep, you guessed it---a bear theme.

College Care package ideas

Our school does not have bears as a mascot, but this would work perfectly with a school that does. Did you know there are a ton of bear-labeled food products out there? I found so many items in my local grocery store, but you could shop online and come up with even more.

College Care package ideas

Check it out!

I made these cute little bear tags and attached them to the treats.
There's some blank ones if you'd rather write your own bear puns or have no puns at all (gasp!). I printed my tags on brown cardstock.
Click here to print your own tags.

College Care package ideas

Here's some of the bear items I included:
Golden Crisp cereal, Teddy Grahams, 

College Care package ideas @michellepaigeblogs.comBear themed College Care Package

Kodiak cakes, bear honey
Bear themed College Care Package Bear themed College Care Package

Sleepytime Herbal Tea, Gummy Bears--of course...
Bear themed College Care Package @michellepaigeblogs.comBear themed College Care Package

and don't forget a teddy bear hug!

Bear themed College Care Package

A few extra pun tags decorated the bag.

Bear themed College Care Package
Bear themed College Care Package

The college girls were super excited with their bags!
Fun ideas for college care packages @michellepaigeblogs.comFun ideas for college care packages

Fun ideas for college care packages

Here's some more college care package ideas for you:

Stick With It!                    College Blues
Stick with it!  College finals care package ideas           
Blue themed care package ideas

Orange Survival Study Sack        Brighten Up Your Semester!
Orange foods and treats for gift package.          
Yellow themed gift ideas

SMART Gift Bag                      Caramel Apple Dippin' Kit
Creative college care package ideas         Package up apples, caramel and toppings to give as gifts.

SNAP To It!                                          Bear Themed Care Package
College Care Package printables      College care package with a bear theme and printable tags

Rockin' Care Package

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