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Thursday, October 20, 2016

College Student Care Package- Brighten Up Your Semester!

 We were back at our alma mater (Whitworth University) last week checking out the campus and visiting some students we love to encourage.  It's always fun to see the changes on campus and feel the college vibe as we walk around.  This visit we got to tour the new music building filled with glass, bricks, steel and LIGHT!  What a beautiful place.  How come the school didn't look like this when we were here?

Speaking of 'light', I decided to go with a 'BRIGHT' theme for the college gift bags this semester.  They're super easy to assemble and hand deliver. (Of course you could always package this into a box to mail as well.)

Purchase bright yellow gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon.

Purchase food and snack items that have yellow packaging.  
These are some of the things I put in the bags.
Cereal, soup mix, peanut butter, cookies, sunflower seeds, gum...
and a smiley face rubber ball.
(You know, everything a college student needs to study.)

Print out your 'Brighten Up' tag onto card stock and attach the tag to the bag or box.

 Click here to print your own Brighten Up tag.

Hand deliver to your favorite college students and of course make them smile in the middle of the HUB for a picture!  

I've used this 'bright', 'light' and sunny theme before. (It's one of my favorite gift giving themes!)  Check out these old posts.

Here's some more college care package ideas for you:

College Blues                                           Survival Study Sack
College Blues-- Care package of all blue treats and printable tag.       Finals Survival Study Sack-  all orange treats and printable tag.

Brighten' Up Your Semester                        Stay Smart for Finals
Brighten up Your Semester- College Care Package- all yellow treats       Stay Smart- College Finals Care Package-  Smart foods

SNAP to it!                                         Caramel Apple Dippin' Kit
Snap to it-  you can do this!  College care package ideas.              Caramel Apple Dipping Kit for College Students

STICK with it!
Stick with it!  College finals care package ideas


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