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Grocery Store College Pun Care Package

It's that time again...
Time to ship off those college care packages. Finals will be here soon!
My husband and I have just returned from visiting campus and handing out these fun boxes to some of our favorite college kids.

College Care Package Puns

This quick idea is so easy to assemble. Take a trip to your local grocery store-- or order what you need online. Print out the pun-filled letter and include it with the package.  
Click here to print your own.

Grocery Store College Care Package ideas @michellepaigeblogs.comCollege Care Package Puns

Here's what I included:
-1 box of LIFE cereal
-1-2 mini packages of nuts
-1 CLIF bar
-1 package of Little Bites mini muffins
-1 mini package of Ritz Bits.
-1 individual size of Kirkland brand trail mix (but you could use any kind).
-1 mini can of Fanta

College Care Package Puns @michellepaigeblogs.comGrocery Store College Care Package ideas

To hold all the products, I used these boxes (affiliate link). They were the perfect size for all the grocery items.

College Care Package Puns @michellepaigeblogs.comGrocery Store College Care Package ideas

(Affiliate links included to help you locate products.)
Because we were hand delivering these boxes, I wanted to tie them up with ribbon and tags.
I used this craft tulle and these manila tags. I added black patterned washi tape to the ends of each tag and used sticker letters for the first initial of their names. 

College Care Package Puns @michellepaigeblogs.comGrocery Store College Care Package ideas

Once on campus, we went searching for all the kids we have special connections with. Most are kids from our church. It's so much fun to see them and catch up with how they're doing.

College Care Package Puns

Click here to print your own grocery store pun letter.

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