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Make Your Own Beary Sweet Valentines

So... I'm the crazy lady that scours the holiday clearance section of the grocery store...even in the middle of January...and I'm the one that takes a picture of my purchases so that everyone will believe me when I blog about it.

Lindt chocolate bears on clearance from Christmas.  Perfect for Valentine's Day.   Not to mention...these are really good, solid chocolates (although they're milk chocolate, not dark.).  Guess I won't be sampling one of these, but I'm sure those teenager girls will appreciate them, right?  

Click here to print your own Valentine cards.

Print out the cards on card stock or photo paper. Trim cards and then attach a chocolate bear using valentine Red Hot Hearts Washi Masking Tape.

Yes, even teenage girls like to get valentines...or so I've been told. 
The teenage son however, is not into it. "My friends just want the candy," he says.
"They don't care about any clever fact, they probably won't even read it." 
Hmmm...that sounds like a challenge!

Click here to see how I met that challenge.

Have a 'beary' sweet Valentine's Day!

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