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Most Photographed Item in My House- Drinking Glass Storage

Last year we moved to a beautiful new home.  Many friends have visited and toured our place, but THIS is the most photographed item in my house.  No joke!

(I'm thinking I really need to spruce up my place, if THIS is what people take a picture of when they visit?)

It's so simple, yet used everyday.  It's a tray to hold our family's water glasses.  I can't stand washing multiple glasses for each family member because they forgot where they put their glass. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does. 

Remember this post from way back when we put them in an iron crate?  It worked OK, but our glasses were really too big to fit in the small openings, and we needed one more opening.

 (I'm actually still on a hunt for a 4 compartment vintage crate with a handle.)

I found this Pier 1, ceramic, 4 compartment tray at a thrift store years ago.  I've used it for displaying snacks, but one day I decided it was perfect for our glasses.

Using a dry erase marker, I wrote the name of each family member in the corner of each compartment. 

(You could use a Sharpie if you wanted a more permanent solution.)

After drinking out of a glass, each family member has a home for their specific glass.  The tray sits on our counter by the sink.

When someone decides their glass needs to be washed, they place it in the dishwasher.  Then, they get a clean glass to put in their compartment. 
(I do live with a husband and 2 teenagers, so most of the time, I decide when their glass needs to be cleaned.)

This works so well for our family, that we've been doing this for years, now.  I love how clean it looks on our counter.

One of my friends wanted a tray with 3 compartments for her family.  I found this sauce dish at the thrift store that was perfect. I especially love the handle to transport all the glasses to the table!

Of course I fancied it up with a little ribbon, tag and tissue paper. Wouldn't this make a cute housewarming gift?

Here's some dishes I found online that are very similar to mine.  Check them out. *These are affiliate links to help you locate products.
White Melamine 4 Section Compartment Tray 
 Red 4 Section Compartment Tray.

Look at this fun dish I found in white or in green:  
 Joseph Joseph Triple Dish Set, Stone and White

Joseph Joseph Triple Dish Set, White and Green

Here's some printable housewarming gift tags for you:  Click here.

 *This post contains affiliate links to help you find the products I mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine. No product was given to me.

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