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Mini Chocolate Chip Loaves in the Best Pan Ever!

This baking frenzy all started with this amazing pan!  Wilton 18 Mini Loaf pan. 
Have you seen this thing?  It can bake 18 mini loaves at the same time.  It is a serious time saver and the loaves are a super cute size!

I made meatloaves in it for my dad's Plaid Party.  They turned out fantastic--and I don't even like meatloaf.


I found this excellent chocolate chip pound cake recipe click here. 
I doubled the recipe and let my mini loaves bake for 25 minutes and oh, they were so good! 

Unfortunately, we taste tested too much of the dough (this always happens) so we only had enough to make 17 loaves.

Here's a couple tips:
-don't taste the dough.
(seriously, you won't be able to stop yourself!)
-don't over mix in any step.

-after baking, let loaves cool for 5 minutes.
-run a knife around the edges and pop out the loaves.
- place loaves on cooling racks until no longer warm.

We handed these out to teachers and neighbors for Valentine's Day.
Click here to print your own tags.  (These tags are not to be edited, thank you.)

Place completely cooled loaves in a cellophane bag.

These are my favorite Cellophane Treat Bags .
I use this size constantly.  You can easily trim them down if you need to.  Tie up the bags with pink ribbon and add the tag.

Now, what else should I make in my cool mini loaf pan?

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