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Humorous Gift for a 70 Year Old, 'Cereal'ously!

So, I don't know if this happens to you or not?

When my mom comes to visit or I visit her, (she lives 5 hours away) she always says, "Help me think of something creative to do for so and so."  We brainstorm ideas and together we come up with some incredibly creative gifts! 

My mom is always doing things for other people.  She's always thinking of other people and loves to shower them with treats and gifts and notes.  She's incredible at sending cards and thank you notes and never misses a birthday!  I inherited my gift giving and creativity from her yet, here she is once again with a challenge for me.


Um, OK.  Let's see... Male church friend of my parents, likes a laugh, likes puns, surprise 70th party, need to bring a creative gift....hmmm.

Want to see what we came up with...(in under an hour, since I was trying to pull off a party for my dad at the same time?)

7 cereals for your 70's. 

It's a great big bowl of mini cereals, all with a clever pun.

Mom and I ran to the grocery store to get the cereals.  While scanning the shelves, we came across these cute plastic spoons with printed sayings on them.  Perfect for our gift.
Say It Spoons, 1-Pack (18 Spoons in Total)

Due to the time restraints, there are no fancy tags.  I simply typed these messages in a Word document and printed them on colored copy paper.  Simple and fast!

My sister-in-law helped me mat them on black cardstock.  We taped them to paper straws and then taped the straws to the back of each box. On the little round oatmeal container, we stuck the tag directly to the top.

We finished our cereal puns with #7 a full size box of Lucky Charms and a birthday wish.

I added a bit of tissue paper and propped all the boxes in a big ceramic bowl that I had.
Later, I added cellophane and tied the entire thing up with ribbon, but somehow, didn't get a final picture of that.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Here's our 7 cereal puns.  If you'd like to make your own Cerealously 70 gift, feel free to copy these and then paste into a Word document to print out.

7 cereals for your 70’s.

1. Frosted Flakes-
You may hear the
young ones call
you a flake or
two. You’ll
get used to it.

2.  Cocoa Krispies-
‘Snap, Crackle, Pop’
comes from more
than your
cereal, now.

3.  Froot Loops-
Your mind tends to
get a little loopy
at 70…Yes, we
happen to know.

4.  Apple Jacks-
Hate to break it to
you, but these are
the only kind of
‘jacks’ you should
be doing.

5. Corn ‘Pops’-
…and this is what
happens when
you try those
jumping jacks.

 6.  Oatmeal-
This is what you
really should be
eating at your
age. It just slides

7.  Lucky Charms-
Who knows?
70 might just be
your ‘LUCKY’ year.
Here’s wishing you

Now, I wonder what mission mom will bring to me next?
Remember when she had me making bridal shower invitations with feathers? 
 That was a doozy!

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